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RUSH: Mr. Snerdley was watching, and Ted Kennedy clearly implied that Judge Alito is racist by claiming he can’t find anything in his writings where he has opposed discrimination, meaning he’s for discrimination. That’s code language. If you’re for discrimination, you are a racist. You might be interested to know that FDR appointed to the Supreme Court a known (former) member of the KKK and an attorney for the KKK. His name was Hugo Black. You didn’t know that, Dawn? FDR appointed to the Supreme Court, and he was confirmed, Hugo Black, a known member of the Ku Klux Klan — and he was their lawyer as well. Senator William Henry King, Democrat, Utah, at the time, quote: “Having been a member of the Klan would not disqualify a man from becoming a member of the Supreme Court.” Senator Marvel Logan, Democrat, Kentucky: “While I am quite sure that Justice Black is not a member of the Ku Klux Klan, what would we do if he were? I’ve never heard of any justice being required to resign because of affiliations with any organization he may have chanced to join.”

All these comments and more from the New York Times, September 14th, 1937. Now, they’re all over Alito for joining this outfit at Princeton. The acronym is CAP. Speaking of that, I have mixed emotions about what we did here on this program on Friday, because I actually think we might have caused this. I have the witness list. Remember I told you all about one of their witnesses, Stephen Dujack, he’s an editor of the Environmental Forum magazine, a fellow Princeton University alumnus, and he was going to testify about a controversial student organization that counted Alito as a member back at Princeton. Dujack is the guy we told you about on Friday who wrote that eating animals is akin to the Holocaust, that slaughtering animals is akin to the Holocaust. Well, they’ve pulled Dujack. Dujack has now been pulled from the witness list.

“A spokesman for Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn who is a member of the judiciary committee said he had been notified of the list change shortly before seven p.m. on Friday. Earlier that day, Cornyn’s office had circuited a 2003 LA Times editorial in which Dujack compared animals killed for food to victims of the Holocaust. Whether the editorial factored into the decision to drop Dujack from the witness list was not clear.” Well, I didn’t get Cornyn’s memo. I had my own research on this, but I feel bad about this. We should have kept this guy on the witness list. We should not have mentioned this. I can just see this guy showing up to testify, being asked to crucify and cream this CAP club that Alito is a member of and then this guy being asked by Republicans what are your beliefs here and how do they relate to this? The guy launches into the whole business about how the Holocaust is no different than what we are doing slaughtering animals and so forth. Anyway, so this guy has been pulled. Stephen R. Dujack has been pulled from the Democrat witness list.


RUSH: Ted Kennedy. We have the bite that Mr. Snerdley referred to, in which he implied that Judge “Aly Oto” as he refers to him here. I think there was a “Sam Alioto,” too — he was a big, big power broker in San Francisco politics at one time. But here’s the bite where Ted Kennedy implies that Judge Alito is a racist.

THE SWIMMER: To put it plainly, average Americans have had a hard time getting a fair shake in his courtroom. In an era when America is still is too divided by race and riches, judge Aly Oto has not written one single opinion on the merits in favor of a person of color alleging race discrimination on the job. In 15 years on the bench, not one. And when I look at that record in light of the 1985 job application to the Reagan justice department, it’s even more troubling. That document lays out an ideological agenda that highlights his pride in belonging to an alumni group at Princeton that opposed the admission of women and proposed to curb the admission of racial minorities.

RUSH: All right, I dealt with all of this in the first half-hour of the program. First place, senator, it’s Judge Alito. He’s getting his name screwed up the same as he got Barak Obama’s name, called him Osama Obama. This man has lost it. He’s over the hill. He’s literally over the hill. This is Jurassic Park. We’re watching the Senate Democrats as Jurassic Park. When these guys all wake up and smile at once you have to stop and declare it Halloween, it’s like an old folks home. At any rate, here’s Alito’s ’85 job application that Senator Kennedy just disparaged as an ideological agenda. Here’s what he wrote: “I believe very strongly in limited government, federalism, free enterprise, the supremacy of the elected branches of government, the need for a strong defense, an effective law enforcement, and the legitimacy of a government role in protecting traditional values. In the field of law I disagree strenuously with the usurpation by the judiciary of decision-making authority that should be exercised by the branches of government responsible for the electorate.”

Meaning: Those who are elected, those who are accountable. Senator Kennedy finds that to be an “ideological agenda,” and he would. This is the same type of thinking that went into the founding documents of this Republic, and those founding documents are too confining to liberals like Senator Kennedy — the Constitution, the Declaration. But this is absolutely absurd that Judge “Aly Oto” has not written one single opinion on the merits in favor of a person of color alleging rice discrimination on the job. “In 15 years on the bench, not one.” So what? So what? Notice how the liberals measure someone’s compassion. Again, as I said at the top of the program today, these are issues that no longer are those hard-button issues with the American people that used to send up streams of smoke and sparks of controversy. They’re just not anymore. That’s why I say Jurassic Park. This is old stuff. It’s no different than saying, “He’s against women’s rights. He’s against black rights. He’s again civil rights. He’s against human rights.” It’s absurd. There is nobody out there who’s going to believe this. The American people now no longer accept the notion that all of these nominees fit the playbook definition the liberals come up with of conservatives. More often than not it’s the left that are appearing more and more kooky and extreme to the American people each and every day.


RUSH: This thing at Princeton that Teddy Kennedy and the libs are talking about, Concerned Alumni of Princeton. Alito was enrolled in the ROTC program in Princeton when Princeton, in the midst of the Cold War, decided to eliminate that program. The Concerned Alumni of Princeton opposed that decision, and Princeton’s later resistance to the ROTC. Alito’s membership of CAP evidently consisted of merely of paying dues. He did not support it, go to all the meetings and all these other wacko things that this group supported, at least no evidence of that can be found. This is, again, guilt by association. This is flimsy stuff, typical of the left’s attempt to smear and destroy this nominee’s character, his reputation, and if they get away with it during these hearings, his life.



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