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RUSH: Phillip, Glen Cove, New York. Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Yeah, it’s an honor to speak to you, Mr. Limbaugh.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: I’m definitely a liberal, and I definitely have an opinion on our policy in the Middle East, and what I think is, we’ve supported these religious fanatics in Afghanistan. In fact Reagan, the late President Reagan, said that these were — these were patriots, the Mujahideen, the Al-Qaeda. We financed them, and we financed them over a secular movement that was moving in Afghanistan prior to the Russians even going there. The same thing in Iran. Mosaddeq was a secularist. Women had rights and everything, and we put in the Shah, and we created —
RUSH: As long as you’re on this tack let’s not leave Bill Clinton out of this. He went in to Bosnia, Kosovo because of the ethnic cleansing of Moslems.
CALLER: Absolutely.
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: I agree — and look at his policy. His policy was to go against all the other UN representatives against the Security Council when they had these 17 resolutions. The only people who were voting for the resolution was the United States, and yet we said it was a UN resolution. This is deception.
RUSH: All right, so the point is that we are creating terrorists. Is that what your point is?
CALLER: Well, if you look at… It wasn’t the communists that financed it, Mussolini. It was the industrialists that wanted a war with the Russians to promote their interests, which was their natural resources, and to get even with the World War I [sic] for the killing of the Romanoffs.
RUSH: Well, who was it? What great American industrialist financed Hitler? Was it Henry Ford or was it —
CALLER: Well, Mellon, Ford. In fact, DuPont had controlling interests in General Motors.
RUSH: Yeah, the DuPonts! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
CALLER: — and was building tanks and armored cars with I.G. Farben —
RUSH: Exactly right.
CALLER: — and the Ingal Report [sic], uh, the, er… Truman fascism in America. We — We — Uh, the Mellons drove the aluminum industry (crosstalk) while we weren’t even making aluminum planes for this country!

RUSH: Hey, don’t leave out Joseph Kennedy. Don’t leave him out. Joseph Kennedy, big one. Charles Lindbergh.
CALLER: Kennedy also.
RUSH: Great American heroes, absolutely.
CALLER: Absolutely. All these were very wealthy people connected —
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: — and in fact they tried to create a dictatorship in this country when they tried to make General Smedley Butler the dictator in ’34. He exposed the plot, and what do we have now? We have a plutocracy run by the corporations and the World Bank, the exploitation of the natural resources of the world, and we’re using our military-industrial complex to control the world. We spend all our wealth and 31% —
RUSH: You’re but you’ve left out a key ingredient here and that’s David Rockefeller. Two things: the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations.
CALLER: Of course!
RUSH: Well, yes, and then Pope John Paul II and the Socialists International. Nobody ever talks about that, but those people were invested in the same kind of dictatorships that you’re describing here.
CALLER: Absolutely. The whole World War II idea was to, uh, uh, to exploit, uh, Europe, to get Europe on the side of the industrialists. I mean, DuPont was making money. We had plants. General Motors had plants in Germany.
RUSH: Yeah, well, you know something about all this? Your understanding of this circumstance is rare, and I applaud you for it. Where do you think Google and Microsoft fit into all this? Because, you know, the industrialists of old are not the industrialists of today. Because look at the manufacturing base. We’ve destroyed that in this country. We have everything made from China and so forth. But you look at Google and Microsoft and Apple? I mean, who knows who they’re behind and supporting.
CALLER: Well, I think the Google is really an international movement for information. I think it’s a wonderful thing, but I have to tell you, if it wasn’t for the Russians stopping Hitler in Moscow and in Stalingrad, they would have hooked up with the Japanese, and we would have been surrounded. So this whole Cold War, this whole war against communism was created by the same pro-industrialist, military-industrial complex, and the communists had nothing to do with it — and look where we are now!
RUSH: No, no, no. Wait, you’re half right. The whole war against communism was started by David Rockefeller. In fact, the Soviet Union could not support itself as a country or as a power were it not created as an enemy in the minds of the American people by the intelligentsia here which continue to be led by Rockefeller and that bunch at the CFR. It’s the same thing. You know, feminism was created by these people just to get men and women at war with each other so we’d be distracted from what they were doing, as you’ve described it!
CALLER: Well, if you look at the situation in the Democratic Convention. You talk about democracy? We’re certainly not a democracy. We’re not even a republic. In the Democratic Convention in 1944, Henry Wallace was voted on the first ballot to be vice president. They wouldn’t allow Claude Pepper to second the nomination. There was a coup in this country, and we became a national security state under the thumb of the same industrialists that financed Hitler, that financed Bush, that financed Clinton, that financed all these radicals, and we’re losing the flower of American youth in these ridiculous wars, and we have 20,000 nuclear weapons — we had 20,000 (Bush cut them). Now we have 10,000; the Russians have the same — and we’re worried about this two-bit dictator over there? The biggest threat to the annihilation of the human race is ourselves and our own capacity to destroy the planet by polluting it with nuclear waste, nuclear weapons —
RUSH: We haven’t even got to global warming yet, but that’s a conspiracy of itself. Phillip, what you’re saying is Hugo Chavez has it right. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is right on the button about this. But we can talk about this all. What is the solution to it?

CALLER: Well, the solution is to expose — expose ourselves, expose our evil, and expose the world that we have been wrong, to admit we’re wrong. The whole point of admitting we’re wrong and taking a whole new aspect about the planet earth is what Herbert Hoover said.
RUSH: Well, but wait a minute. No, you can’t just stand up and say, “We were wrong,” and then disempower the industrialists!
RUSH: How we going to disempower these people?
CALLER: Well, we disempower them by letting them pay their taxes, number one, and taking — and controlling the military-industrial complex, saying that we’re not going to build weapons.
RUSH: I hadn’t thought of that.
CALLER: We’re going to take all those bases we have, all over Uzbekistan, and all over in Germany, bring the boys home! Put them to rebuild a society here that will — the world will emulate and force these industrialists to do it.
RUSH: You know, you’re so right on the money. I hadn’t thought about that: raise taxes on the industrialists, and that will disempower them. Just take their money away from them like we’ve already done from the American people for the most part: take their money. Just raise their taxes.
CALLER: Well, you gotta do more than that.
RUSH: Well, but it’s a good start. I mean, you’re onto something here.
CALLER: — some good things down there, when he raised the taxes, but the whole point is, we say we’re a democracy. We say we’re spreading democracy! That’s a false image. In fact, we’ve created a national security state. Now, if we were even really a republic we would have what Europe has, like they have Green Party represented. They have communists represented. They don’t allow any communists.
RUSH: We’ve got that.
CALLER: If we really were a democracy.
RUSH: No, we’ve got a Green Party here. We’ve got a communist party. They haven’t been able to win elections yet, and it’s a crying shame.
CALLER: No, but if we had a republic, the 3% of the Green Party would have been a difference between electing Gore and Bush, because out of a hundred percent —
RUSH: Well, wait a minute, though! Gore is just as much a part of any industrialist complex as Bush is.
CALLER: That’s not true!

RUSH: You know that whoever is US president is going to be co-opted by these — you know this, Phillip.
CALLER: Exactly! You’re a hundred percent right, Mr. Limbaugh, because they are all connected to the Bilderbergers — and you know who the Bilderbergers are.
RUSH: Hey, and the Rothschilds. You can’t leave them out of this.
CALLER: No, they’re all in. They’re all in the Bilderbergers. The Bilderbergers, the first one was —
RUSH: What about the Illuminati? They’re still around. The Knights Templar. All these people think these organizations are defunct, but they’re not. They’re just secretly members of other organizations. They’re smart.
CALLER: Well, yeah, for years. Like they got control of the World Bank. Now, they make these loans to these poor African countries, and then we send our own companies over there to exploit the national resources —
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: — and then these people are left with huge debts —
RUSH: Yeah! Yeah!
CALLER: — and then we have wars, and then we supply them with armaments to perpetuate the wars, and in the meantime, the planet is being destroyed by, by, by —
RUSH: Right. It’s like when we banned DDT. We guaranteed that Africans would suffer malaria and infectious diseases.
CALLER: Well, that wasn’t the main point we’re over there. The main point we’re over there is to exploit the natural resources and to create debt for these countries and then prop up dictators to suppress them so we can sell our weapons to them and then create these — these — these dictators over there in Africa, but South America has caught onto us. Chavez has caught onto us.
RUSH: I know, South Africa has, but I’ll tell you something: this is where Bono comes in handy because Bono is exposing all this. He was one of the three people named the Man of the Year by TIME Magazine. Bono understands Africa. Bono — I think it’s a very tough thing, most people couldn’t go to Africa and see the misery and suffering there, but Bono somehow has. It must be the colored glasses that he wears because he goes over —
CALLER: Well —
RUSH: Well, no. I mean, most people when they went to Africa they wouldn’t see the misery and suffering; it takes a special person to be able to see it over there, and Bono deserves great credit because he’s trying to call attention to this in his own way. Now, as to exposing the industrialists? That’s a risky behavior. Clinton exposed himself, and it didn’t work.

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