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MIAMI, Dec. 12 — Roy Black, Rush Limbaugh’s attorney, issued the following statement regarding Judge David F. Crow’s decision today prohibiting prosecutors from asking the talk show host’s doctors about his medical treatment and condition or information he shared with his doctors during his care and treatment.
Judge Crow’s ruling upholds our argument that the State cannot breach
doctor-patient confidentiality just because it has obtained some medical
records, and thus the state cannot ask the doctors its questions posed to
the court during the hearing.
Judge Crow’s decision prohibits the State from questioning Mr. Limbaugh’s
physicians about “the medical condition of the patient and any
information disclosed to the healthcare practitioner by the patient in
the course of the care and treatment of the patient.”
We are pleased with the court’s ruling upholding the patient’s statutory
right of doctor-patient confidentiality. We’ve said from the start that
there was no doctor shopping but Mr. Limbaugh should not have to give up
his right to doctor-patient confidentiality to prove his innocence.
The medical records that the State has seized and reviewed now for nearly
six months show that Mr. Limbaugh received legitimate medical treatment
for legitimate medical reasons. Mr. Limbaugh has not been charged with a
crime and he should not be charged.

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