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RUSH: You know, as I watch CNN here today, they’re actually giving life, real life to the term circle… bleep. Turn it on; they’re sitting around in a circle. It’s as close to Christmas morning as they were going to get, it’s not what they wanted, but they’re just having the grandest old time. (Interruption) What? Fitzmas, I know, Fitzmas. Yeah, they all went out and they had their brand-new suits and ties and all really ready to go on television Wednesday night to pronounce the death of this administration, and they didn’t get to break ’em out and now they’ve got this, and the best they can hope for is this has trails to the Oval Office.

Another thing, folks, let’s not forget this. During the Clinton years, the years of lying about so many things, how many news stories do you recall we bringing to your attention here talking about how lying was good, lying spared hurt feelings? Sometimes lying was important in order to promote healthy relationships. I wonder how long it will be before we see any stories about how helpful lying is in the Scooter Libby era. Do you think we’ll see any? Ha-ha. Rochester, New York, this is Brian. You are on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. How are you, sir?

RUSH: Fine, sir. I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Thank you. My pleasure. I can only pray that Libby takes a page directly out of the playbook of Tom DeLay and plays this as strongly as he can as an innocent man. I think if he does defend himself and take this thing as far as the Democrats want to go with it, I believe this might be a dark day for the Democratic Party. They may have taken a tiger by the tail here. I don’t think, in the end, this is really what they wanted to have happen, was to have a situation like this where they did not get their mark. In fact, they missed it, and, you know, for whatever they’re gaining out of the indictment of Libby, if this thing goes and shines the light of day on it, I think we’re going to have an interesting situation. But, again, it hinges on Libby taking that philosophy of Tom DeLay and saying, ‘Hey, I’m an innocent man, I’ll fight you to the mat on this thing.’

RUSH: There are a number of different ways you can fight something like this. You’ve got the DeLay way, you can do it. I don’t see that happening here, but I wouldn’t mind it if it did. The interesting thing that you said is that it will ignite a firestorm out there. I hope this does. I have a feeling that the base is going to be furious about this, and already is. After all this talk and after all these insinuations, after all these promises that we’re going to get Cheney indicted, we’re going to get Rove indicted, blah, blah, blah, this courageous CIA agent was outed, and blah, blah, blah, the first time the left has ever cared about the CIA that I can remember. All they got here is a guy on perjury and obstruction of justice that has nothing to do with the central theme and reason for this investigation. Speaking of DeLay, what’s happening with that is just outrageous. Even after he’s been indicted there are now subpoenas coming. I mean, this thing going on down in Texas is just a total miscarriage of prosecutorial zealousness, overzealousness, political motivation. It’s just classic. The left cannot win at the ballot box, they’re going to try to throw every Republican they can’t beat at the ballot box, get him thrown out of office via the legal judicial system. To indict DeLay on no evidence, there was no evidence to support that indictment. They got the indictment.
Now they’re running around subpoenaing phone records and all kinds of things here, not of him, but of three of his associates. And what this is all about, and I’ll guarantee you what’s going to happen in this investigation. They’re trying to go out and find somebody to scare so that they’ll flip against DeLay. That’s why they’re subpoenaing all these friends and associates of his. They want to bring ’em in and they want to use the full force of their badges to intimidate them during these subpoena interviews. And they want to threaten them with all kinds of ruination, damnation, jail time, unless you tell us what we want to hear about Tom DeLay. They’re trying to get somebody to flip. And that’s what they’ve been trying to do with Karl Rove in this case. They’ve been going to his neighborhood and they’ve been talking to people in his neighborhood and other associates, probably been subpoenaing e-mails that he wrote to people. Has he ever told you anything about Valerie Plame? They’re getting coworkers I’m sure from the White House. They’re trying to get somebody to flip. And that’s why there’s no indictment of Rove because they don’t have anything yet. But this clearly is an open investigation. Rove’s been told he’s still under investigation. Rove’s lawyer, “We’ll cooperate fully. No problem here cooperating with you.” But once prosecutors get going, folks, there’s nothing to stop them. DeLay hasn’t stopped this guy. If DeLay could, he would stop this. He can’t. There’s really nothing that can be done to stop the guy. What DeLay is trying to do is cast as much doubt on this prosecutor, Ronnie Earle, as possible, so that when they get to the trial phase and jury selection, he at least has a chance. And that’s why DeLay is conducting this in public. I don’t think Scooter Libby is cut from that cloth and will engage in that. But make no mistake. Once these guys get you in the crosshairs, they keep you there as long as they want.

Let me shoot you straight. I don’t care what you hear the media say. I just spent a little time watching The Forehead on CNN, and The Forehead is saying, “Don’t talk to me about Bill Clinton. That was lying about sex. This is lying about going to war. This is causing the death of American soldiers by lying to go to war. We need congressional hearings into this.” They’re not going to let go of this line, even though there’s no evidence whatsoever in this investigation — the Democrats all signed on to it. It’s silly. But that’s the line of the hare-brained kook left that has become the Democrat base, that this whole thing is about lying to the American people to go to war. Don’t forget, we’ve gone back and looked at the record. Bill Clinton said the same thing about Saddam, and he was echoed by Democrats in the Senate as George Bush said before we went into Iraq, we went back and chronicled Robert Kagan’s story in which the New York Times and Washington Post all talked about weapons of mass destruction, all talked about the deathly nature of Saddam Hussein back in 1998-1999, weapons of mass destruction, all of that, it’s patently impossible Bush could have lied. The media has to ignore its own record, they have to ignore Bill Clinton. The idea that there was lying to get us into war here is patently absurd. And yet that continues to be the line they are taking. And they are taking that line, and listen to me on this, because they are devastated.
Don’t believe it when they tell you they’re happy with the Libby indictment. Libby was not who they were gunning for. They wanted Rove. They don’t have a Rove indictment today. Libby does not get them to the president lying about this, and neither does Rove, but they wanted Rove. They wanted Rove out of the White House, because that’s who they think is beating them. And so they’re going to continue to say that this is great. This is big. This in fact is Fitzmas. They got their presents under the tree, and they’re happy as they can be; but I’m telling you, and you just believe me when I tell you, they are devastated, they are disappointed, they are let down. For three weeks it’s been Rove and Libby with Rove being mentioned first. Now today it’s only Libby, and not even indicted about the central theme of the case. And the more they keep talking about how this is the case it’s ultimately the president lying to get us into war, the more patently absurd they look because we’ve got the record that we can throw in their face saying, “Well, if Bush lied about it, so did Clinton and so did the mainstream press.” Their only retort will be to say, “Well Clinton didn’t take us to war.” Are you still saying Clinton lied? They’ve got nowhere to go on this, folks. So once again they’ve constructed a hopeful dream, just Bill Burkett was going to take Bush out and the National Guard, just like Cindy Sheehan was going to take Bush out, just like the Jersey Girls were going to take him out, just like Richard Clarke was. Now Scooter Libby and this special prosecutor are going to take him out.

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