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RUSH: All right, here’s the latest on the CIA news. Folks, I can’t tell you how happy this makes me if only because I know how utterly let-down, depressed and destroyed the media is today, because today was The Day! This was Christmas morning. The packages were going to be there under the tree — sealed, yes, but you know how kids are with packages. It doesn’t take long to open them, and they were going to open those indictments, and they were going to find out that it was Rove and that it was Libby and that it was Cheney — and maybe a couple of other surprises thrown in! Why, they’ve been telling us for the past three weeks, “Indictments are coming tomorrow or the next day.” They told us last night the indictments were coming today. They told us the indictments have been prepared. The indictments were sealed; one to five. Scooter Libby and Karl Rove and maybe Cheney. First, Reuters: “Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald said he was done today after meeting with the grand jury in the CIA leak investigation. Grand jurors left the courthouse earlier. Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has left district court, is not expected back to court today. Fitzgerald later left the building following the session with no comment. The grand jurors were also seen leaving the building with no announcement of any indictments.”
From the Associated Press: “The federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA officer’s identity met for three hours Wednesday with Patrick Fitzgerald and adjourned for the day without announcing any action. Fitzgerald is known to be putting the finishing touches on a two-year criminal probe. After the grand jury left for the day, federal prosecutors conferred for about an hour in the grand jury area of the federal courthouse. There was no word on whether Fitzgerald planned to make any announcement or whether the grand jury planned to even meet again.” They’re lost. Of all the news they were expected, folks, do you understand? Santa Claus didn’t show! It’s not that there’s sticks or stones or whatever little, puppy dog tails under the tree. There’s nothing there — and it’s only 1:30! He’s giving up at 1:30? There’s a full day! He could have gotten the indictments! He quit? The media is going to be concerned here, because they’ll say, “You know, it would seem to take more time than this to get big indictments. If you go in front of a grand jury and have big indictments coming,” and they met with him and he got nothing and so forth? (interruption) Ronnie? Yeah, yeah, Ronnie Earle! “If he didn’t like it he would have gotten a new grand jury in there; what’s this Fitzgerald guy doing? Why can’t they do what Ronnie Earle did? ‘Three grand juries fail, fine! I’ll get a fourth, and I’ll get a foreman who doesn’t care about the evidence, and then we’ll get an indictment.’ Why can’t you do what Ronnie Earle did?” I’m telling you, you can’t imagine how this news — even though maybe it just constitutes a delay and nothing more. They were so convinced, folks, it was happening today. All week it was gonna happen Wednesday. Now Fitzgerald has gone home. He may have gone to the country club, who knows? May go out and play golf. Don’t know what the guy does at 1:30 in the afternoon, but the grand jurors have gone home, too. You know what? Maybe the FBI agent found some neighbors that said, “Oh, yeah, we knew she was CIA. She flew the CIA flag out in front of the house.” Maybe Fitzgerald said, “Ah, I got a problem here.” Who knows? We don’t know, folks, we can speculate just as easily as can the media.

RUSH: This is Raleigh, North Carolina, hello, Bill, you’re next. Nice to have you with us, sir.
CALLER: Thank you for having me, Rush.
RUSH: You bet.
CALLER: Um, so, yeah. Essentially I’m just kind of baffled by your, uh, Santa analogy and Christmas morning analogy. Ummm… I just don’t understand. Are you trying to trivialize the fact that, uh, he’s trying — Fitzgerald is trying — to make sure he has his facts in line before he, uh, actually, you know, goes about doing his indictments? Because, uh, you know, it seems to me that the administration could take something from this and, you know, make sure that they have all their facts straight before they go into sumthin’.
RUSH: You know, I sit here in stunned amazement at how some of you hear what is said articulately and clearly on this program.
CALLER: Well, I mean, uh, not to belittle you, Rush, but I don’t take all my news from your program.
RUSH: Well, but you’re obviously responding to something you heard on the program just now, and you heard something I didn’t say.
CALLER: Well, no.
RUSH: You actually —
CALLER: You said that the media was waiting for this like it was Christmas morning and that —
RUSH: Damn right, they are! There’s no question. You can’t deny that. So are you.
CALLER: No, I mean, I’m not going to deny that, but, I mean, for one thing I don’t understand why they picked, uh, Fitzgerald in the first place. Wouldn’t have Ashcroft have been a better selection? I mean, he was initially tapped to do this, wasn’t he?
RUSH: Well, let’s stay focused here, because Fitzgerald is the choice, and why they didn’t choose somebody else is moot now. So the point is you think — are you not happy with Fitzgerald? When did that happen?
CALLER: No, I’m not unhappy with Fitzgerald at all.
RUSH: Why?
CALLER: I want to make sure that he has his facts in order. Because Libby set out in early 2003 to smear Joseph Wilson, the CIA agent [sic] Valerie Plame’s husband. It was a smear campaign, and, you know, he was told to back off in 2004.
RUSH: So what? They’re entitled to “smear” Joseph Wilson. Is Joseph Wilson Jesus Christ?
CALLER: Is Joseph Wilson Jesus Christ?
RUSH: Is Joseph Wilson infallible? Is he the Pope? Is Joseph Wilson God?
CALLER: (laughing)
RUSH: Joseph Wilson is a liar. He’s a liar, Bill. The people you’re willing to throw in with here have me stupefied.
CALLER: Hold on, hold on, hold on. You’re equating — alright, so first it was the Santa Claus analogy and now Joseph Wilson is Jesus Christ?
RUSH: What? But… This is a political dispute. You “smear” your enemies. “Smear” in this case meaning they disagree with him. He’s out there lying about them!
CALLER: No, no, no —
RUSH: The smear here is Joseph Wilson. Joseph Wilson is conducting the smear. He and his wife started this thing as a smear! But, look, what I just said about Christmas morning: the media has been salivating. You admitted it. You’re looking at it as Christmas morning, too. All I said was (sobbing), “There are no indictments today.” They had predicted it today. I’m just simply saying the media is depressed today, media let down. Think, folks. Have you ever been as a kid so excited; you were promised something was coming in the mail that you wanted more than anything in the world, and it didn’t show up? You know how you felt? That’s all I’m saying is how they feel today. That’s not a comment on how well or not Fitzgerald is doing his job. I’m not suggesting that Fitzgerald is not taking the time on dot the I’s and cross the T’s. I don’t know what Fitzgerald is doing. All I’m telling you is what I do know, and that’s the psychological and emotional reaction the left is having today. They’re looking at Fitzgerald giving up at 1:30 in the afternoon, calling it a day, releasing the grand jury on the day they were expecting indictments — the day they were hoping, they were praying. They’ve been promising everybody, “Indictments coming today,” this week, last week, week before last! They still don’t have the indictments. They’re out there on a limb. It’s a very small limb. We’ve got a media scandal going on. Their credibility is at stake. They’ve been lying about leaks. They’ve been lying about inside sources — obviously, because the sources have been telling them indictments are coming today — and whoever the sources are don’t know anything, either. All I’m trying to point out is what the media reaction is. I’m not commenting on what Fitzgerald is doing, and I won’t until he does something, because I don’t know, which is the whole point.

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