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RUSH: Go to cut three. This is from Wolf Blitzer’s show, The Situation Room, yesterday. He’s talking about this whole investigation with Jeff Greenfield, and Wolf says, “Do you remember who originally started this whole investigation, this special counsel investigation? It was the CIA asking the justice department to look into this leak to Bob Novak and that’s fueling all sorts conspiratorial theories, shall we say?” I pointed this out to you on Monday. Who got this going was a CIA referral. The CIA monitors the media. When they see things in the media this they think are secret, private, and covert, then they can go to the justice department and ask for a referral to start an investigation. That’s what happened here. And that is why there are many people who believe that what this actually is — and I’m close to being one of them, by the way — that what this actually is, is the CIA at war with George W. Bush over a whole bunch of things: 9/11, the war in Iraq, the CIA populated with a bunch of political enemies as far as Bush would be concerned, same thing with the state department. Here is how Greenfield answered Wolf’s question.
GREENFIELD: This goes back to the eighties. It goes back to the first Bush administration when secretary of defense Dick Cheney has differences with the CIA. It’s a long-standing dispute between different elements of the government about the CIA versus the more hawkish folks in the defense department and now in the White House Iraq group. Clearly this is the underlying story behind a lot of this.
RUSH: A-ha. See? I told you. And if that’s what’s being looked at here, then what’s happening here is the CIA trying to do Bush in by sending Wilson over there, and I’m telling you, I told you from the get-go that it was Wilson and his wife that I think came up with this whole scheme to undermine the war in Iraq and undermine the presidency with the knowledge of the CIA itself, because it was in their best interests for this to be undermined, too, because they’re trying to survive and you’ve got an administration that they’re not favorable towards. So there’s a lot going on here. But all this is policy dispute stuff, when you get right down to it. It’s inside Washington political policy. And if they’re going to make criminal activity out of this, if that’s what these indictments, if there are any, lead to, it will be an absolute shame.

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