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RUSH: Let me give you a couple of interesting stories from foreign countries, shall I say. The first one is from the Netherlands. Now, for those of you from Rio Linda, that’s the Dutch, the people with the wooden shoes and fingers in the dike. The Netherlands, if you remember, they “led the way” in making same-sex marriages legal. They were the forerunners there. They were the pioneers taking the arrows, so to speak. They were the virgins in this idea of same-sex marriage and the idea as you now know has since spread to other nations including Massachusetts. So it should come as no surprise that the Netherlands is once again defining legal relationships, and they’re defining them upwards. Last week, Victor, 46, and Bianca, his 31-year-old wife, decided to get married to another woman, Mirjam. The couple met Mirjam in an Internet chat room. Mirjam then left her husband and moved in with Victor and Bianca. After Mirjam’s divorce was final, these three, Victor, Bianca and Mirjam, decided to get married, the three of them. Now, the groom explained it this way. He said, “Marriage between three persons is not possible in the Netherlands, but a civil union is.” So the three went to the notary in their marriage costumes and exchanged rings. Victor says that the trio considers the union “just an ordinary marriage.” He says, “I love both Bianca and Mirjam so I’m marrying both of them, and they’re marrying each other, and they’re both marrying me.” Victor explains the dynamics that make the marriage work. He says, “There is no jealousy because Mirjam and Bianca are bisexual.” With two heterosexual women, Victor admits it would be more problematic, but since they’re bisexual, this is not a problem. Victor says he’s a 100% heterosexual, but they do have limits.
You’ll be happy to know that this troika has limits. “A fourth person would not be allowed into the marriage because the three take their marriage obligations very seriously, and to be honest and open with each other and not philander.” So they’re not going to go out there and make their marriage a quadruple. They’re going to stick with their troika. So here we’ve gone from “Heather has two Mommies” to “Victor has Two Wives.” Two wives, all the time, 24/7! This poor guy has got two wives. You know, you could say that one man’s nightmare is another man’s dream. But what if Victor falls in love with his pet gerbil, and what if Victor wants to marry the gerbil? Where is this going to stop? This is considered “enlightenment,” folks, by people on the left. This is thinking outside the box. Poor old Mirjam meets these people in a chat room and then divorces her husband. Here’s the second story, and this is from Denmark. “A disabled Danish man is fighting for the state to pay for him to have a prostitute visit him at home.” He is fighting for state-funded sex. Another great international custom here that, you never know, there could be a Supreme Court justice that looked at this and says, “Whoo, our Founding Fathers never interpreted this, but I’ll bet if they had they’d have dug it.”
“Torben Hansen, who has cerebral palsy, which severely affects his speech and mobility, believes his local authority,” meaning the government, “should pay the extra charge he incurs when he hires a sex worker – because his disability…” What? A sex worker? That’s prostitute. This is enlightened language, you must understand. “…because his disability means he cannot go to see them. His case is currently being considered. In Denmark, local authorities compensate disabled people for extra costs incurred because of their disability. ‘I want them to cover the extra expenses for the prostitutes to get here, because it’s a lot more expensive getting them to come to my home rather than me going to a brothel,’ Mr. Hansen told BBC World Service’s Outlook programme. ‘It’s a necessity for me. I can’t move very well, and it’s impossible for me to go there.’ In Denmark, prostitution and other forms of sex work are not illegal so long as it is not a woman’s sole means of income. Mr. Hansen started seeing a prostitute after attending a course at a social centre. There, he and other disabled people were taught that if they had needs, they ‘could do something about it’. ‘I had a strong desire to have sex, and I think I gained the confidence around that time to get the call girls to come to me. Since then I’ve had a lot of escort girls coming to see me – but I’ve also had girlfriends.’ He had been with his last girlfriend for six months, but she died in 2003. After that, Mr Hansen began arranging for visits to begin again. He also said there had been ‘much research’ into people in his situation, and that it had showed that not being sexually fulfilled can lead to ‘frustration and aggression’. ‘It’s unfair to deny people with disabilities the right to a sex life,’ he added. Mr Hansen said the reaction to his campaign had been ‘very mixed.’ ‘Most of it’s been positive, but I’ve read some very angry letters and comments in the papers… a lot of politicians have been critical, especially women politicians against prostitution.’ Kristen Brosboel, a Social Democrat member of the Danish Parliament, is among those who have argued against Mr Hansen. ‘We also spend tax money on trying to prevent prostitution, helping women out of prostitution – and we have a clear policy that this is a social problem that we want to solve.'”

But that doesn’t carry any weight with Torben Hansen, who has cerebral palsy, but he still has his needs, and he can’t get to the cat houses and the brothels, so he wants them to come to him, and he wants the state to pay for it. So what would our Founding Fathers have thought of this? Well, there’s nothing in our Constitution about this, folks. Well, there is if you look. It is there, this kind of thing, but you won’t find the word “prostitution” or any of that, but you will find various other guides to give you an idea what our Founding Fathers thought of this.
But if our current Supreme Court justices had a case like this, and it’s going to happen someday, look at where we’re headed. If some case like this comes before them, “Well, the Danish have been experimenting with this for years and it’s actually helped quite a few people and that’s what we’re here to do is help the disadvantaged and the infirm and the unhappy and the miserable and the incompetent and the incapable. That’s what our role here is,” and so forth. So, yeah, I’m all for this. This is finding international law. I just had a story. What did I do with it? I’ll have to find it. There’s a little story in the Minnesota Daily today, a little website. Apparently 18,000 men commit suicide every year. Yeah, here it is. The headline of this: “Feminism is Alive While Men Are Dead — Where are the cries of protest for the 18,000 men who killed themselves over domestic disputes? Why do men walk away broken in heart and broken financially especially after laboring for years in college and in the workforce? Where are the cries of protest from the 18,000 men who killed themselves this year over domestic disputes?” I’ll tell you what, these are people, and this is in America, folks. They got one wife and 18,000 of them are wiping themselves out every year, and not in Oregon. Imagine if they had two wives?
RUSH: For those of you that don’t know, I have a mistress in North Carolina, and she just sent me a note after I did the story about these two babes that married Victor in the Netherlands. She says, “Hey, stop dissing wives, bud. Maybe it takes two wives to meet the demands of one blank-blank husband.”
Well, that’s admittedly funny, but I can trump it: “It takes six men to carry a man to his grave. It takes one woman to put him there.”

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