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RUSH: Now let’s connect the dots, folks. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do here? Let’s connect the dots. One dot can be connected from New Orleans to Iraq, because the point is that what the media is doing covering New Orleans is exactly what they have been doing covering the war in Iraq, proclaiming it a dismal failure, Bush is incompetent, people are dying for no reason. They lied about Vietnam, too. We were winning there. They have covered up the true nature of the anti-American protesters in Washington. A bunch of International Answer fascists, that’s the name of the group, International Answer, Answer is the group, and there’s an international chapter of it. In fact, the gang at Little Green Footballs has come up with another A-B, side by side photo comparison. Some anti-war protester put on some black hood and a black robe as though he were the grim reaper, he was standing on a box with his arms outspread as though he were on a cross and the media has a cropped picture of this. That’s the AP picture. But a guy from Getty Images was behind this scene, and he took a picture of this protester in the black hood and the black robe from behind. And his full picture shows that the only people that were standing around this protester were all the media photographers. There were no other protesters. It was just a handful, maybe eight or ten photographers taking this guy’s picture, and AP plasters the cropped picture all over the wires as though this is just one of, what was it, a hundred thousand, 300,000 protesters?

The whole thing, folks, is a lie. It’s a distorted bit of reality. And their evidence is just replete. Little Green Footballs is a blog and they’ve got the pictures, and NewsBusters, the website, the media watchdog website of the Media Research Center, picked it up as well, and I’ve seen the pictures. It’s stunning. It’s nothing new, but it was just like when they cropped the picture of Al Sharpton and Cindy Sheehan down in a ditch in Crawford. They cropped the picture, made it look like 30 or a 50 or a hundred protesters were gathered around but you see the picture uncropped, and it’s Cindy Sheehan and Al Sharpton and photographers, and media, with boom mikes, all sitting there taking pictures. It’s a game, folks. It’s a game. The best way to think of news is to don’t think of it as news. It’s a product. And it represents the viewpoint of the people who want to sell it to you. It’s a product that they’re trying to sell just like anybody else puts a product on the shelf to sell. They have marketers, they have designers, they have people that put the product together in hopes of its success and everybody wants their product to succeed. The definition of success in terms of their product is convincing as many people to believe in the false reality they’re putting forth as possible. It’s no different than if you walk through a grocery store and see a bunch of products on the shelves. You turn on the television and you tune-in to a News Channel and you’re watching a product. Just keep that in mind.

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