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Yesterday we had the audio sound bites of the director of the National Hurricane Center, Max Mayfield. Max Mayfield was all over television Sunday, shouting in his own fashion, “No, global warming had nothing to do with this! These are age-old cycles. They explain these hurricanes, and we just started a new one. There is in global warming on this. It doesn’t have any effect on this,” and also the guy from <a target=new href=”http://www.accuweather.com”>AccuWeather</a>, Joe Bastardi is out there saying the same thing.
William Gray, expert forecaster from the Colorado State University, same thing. Scientists all, say, “No! No, global warming not part of it.”
I said, “Folks, this doesn’t fit the media template.”
The media template is that global warming is happening. “Global warming is caused by man, primarily the United States because we’re evil and thieves. We screw up the earth by using so much of the earth’s resources with such a small percentage of the earth’s population.” It’s become a “fact.” Global warming is caused by man and we can stop it and we’re destroying the earth and since Bush didn’t go for the Kyoto protocol Bush is primarily responsible and global warming caused the hurricanes which illustrated Bush’s racism and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It all fits!

That’s the template. That’s the news cycle. So I said, “Despite the experts saying, ‘no global warming,'” I said, “Look for the media to keep this alive. The media will report that global warming is a factor in the hurricanes.” Lo and behold, AP ? oops. Sorry, Reuters this time. Six of one, half dozen of another. Reuters, Maggie Fox, the health and science correspondent: “No One Can Say If Warming Caused Katrina-Rita.” Wrong, Maggie! Max Mayfield says it didn’t. William Gray says it didn’t. A number of scientists are saying that global warming did not cause these hurricanes. What is this headline: No one can say? “Scientists say it’s not easy to tell if global warming caused hurricanes Katrina and Rita, but Monday they forecast more unpredictable weather as earth gets hotter.” We need to change the term. This is not global warming. It’s solar warming. This is sun activity here, and that’s something… We had the story from 2004 from the UK Independent last week. We linked to it at RushLimbaugh.com. The sun! It’s warming up on Mars, for crying out loud, folks, so what are we doing to that? The Mars rover? The Mars rover is destroying the climate of Mars? There’s no common sense in any of this. There’s just a prepackaged template that the environmental activists have convinced the media of because they’re one and the same; they have the same world view. A leftist activist is a leftist activist whether they’re disguised as a journalist or not. A journalist is just a respectable-appearing activist, if you ask me. They just look like activists but they are. They act like it and this story is just further evidence.
“Even skeptics agree that global warming is underway and that human activity is at least in part responsible…” No, they don’t! I’m a skeptic and I don’t believe it, and I’ve got thousands of people, hundreds of thousands and scientists and people on my side. This is an absolute lie. Even skeptics agree? So let’s go to the quotes now: “Kevin Trenberth, senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, ‘Global warming, I think, is playing a role in the hurricanes, but a lot of what is going on is natural. What global warming may be doing is making them somewhat more intense,’ said Trenberth, a member of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.” Cross him off, he’s biased, he’s not credible. The UN as a worthless organization with a political bent and bias aimed at harming the United States. So throw him out of the story. “James Elsner, a professor of geography at Florida State, agreed.” Oh, he does? Listen to this. “Certainly this is an unusual season. However, the question of attribution I don’t think is very simple.” Well then he doesn’t agree. The first guy says global warming is playing a role. The second guy says, “Well, it’s an unusual season. The question of attribution I don’t think is.”
He doesn’t agree! Folks, he doesn’t agree, and this Maggie Fox idiot has just written that he agreed. Well, let’s go to the end of the story. “Even if storms are not yet affected by global warming, experts like Elsner and Trenberth predict that they will be.” Okay, so the first part of the story: There’s no question global warming is causing this! It’s happening! Two experts, they agree. Well, one of them is not an expert. One’s a UN activist. By the other one doesn’t agree with the UN activist. By the end of the story, you would forget that the first part of the story says that there’s global warming. “Even if storms are not yet affected by global warming…” I thought the whole point of the story was that they were caused by global warming. Now at the conclusion, “Even if storms are not yet affected by global warming, experts predict they will be”? Well, fine, where’s the filter on this story? How did this get past a responsible editor? This is a shoddy piece of journalism here. It’s activism disguised as news. But I told you this was going to happen, is the point. See, I told you they’re not going to let go of the notion that global warming is responsible for the intensity of the hurricanes.

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