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RUSH: Now, my question, why are we even bothering to rebuild? Take a look here, folks. No, this is not a comment on New Orleans being under sea level, and it’s not even a comment about money. You take a look at what we have now from a lot of Mississippi, through Louisiana, through the coast here, about halfway up the state, one-third of the way north from the coast up to Louisiana, all the way over now to Texas, down to Galveston and so forth, what do we have there? What do we have? Well, we do have wetlands, but we have now, ladies and gentlemen, what the environmentalists, the wacko environmentalists have been praying for, demanding, suggesting we all return to, for all the years I’ve been doing this program. We have a pristine wilderness. We have a wilderness uninhabited by the evils of humanity and mankind. We have no running water, we have no electricity, we have very few automobiles, very few SUVs, except those under the control of the government and the military. We have no air-conditioning.
So by definition, we finally have a pristine environment, where Mother Nature’s gone in and totally wrecked as much of man’s presence as possible!
My question is why aren’t there literally hundreds of thousands of environmentalists flocking to this area to resettle it in a way that they have been advocating all the rest of us live since I have been doing this program? We have an excellent test case for militant environmentalism right there on the Gulf coast. Don’t rebuild anything, let the people who are going to tell us how we all should live go show us. Let the environmental wackos give up their SUVs and their redwood decks and their corporate jets and so forth, and let them go live there and let them show us. Look at the money we will save, folks, that we can apply to other important things, like Iraq, and the war on terror.

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