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RUSH: Funny story here, and it is funny. There’s no other way to look at this. This story first appeared in The Nation. Now, The Nation is… Well, it’s a fringe bible of the Democratic Party base. The Nation used to be a Trotskyite publication; used to be way, way out there but now the base has caught up with it. So The Nation is the Bible of the Democrat base. That’s right. Katrina vanden Heuvel, namesake of the Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel is the editor over there. She is the granddaughter of the famous Hollywood studio chief Jules Stein, by the way. People wonder who she is. She’s an heiress. From what I was told, she’s a granddaughter of the founder of MCA, Jules Stein. But those are diversions. The story first appeared in The Nation, and so excited about it were the socialists in the UK that The Guardian picked it up, and here is the headline: “This is Turning into the Ethnic Cleansing of New Orleans — There is empty housing for the tens of thousands made homeless by Katrina, but the white elites have other plans.” Here are the details from this magazine, the bible. Well, “bible” or not. We have the Bible, which do we say this is? Can’t say the Dead Sea Scrolls of the left. That would upset them, too. Can’t say “bible.” What is this? Manifesto, that’s it, the manifesto of the left, The Nation. Here are the details.

“Outside the 2,000-bed temporary shelter in Baton Rouge’s River Center, a Church of Scientology band is performing a version of Bill Withers’s classic ‘Use Me’ — a refreshingly honest choice. ‘If it feels this good getting used,’ the Scientology singer belts out, ‘just keep on using me until you use me up.’ Ten-year-old Nyler, lying face down on a massage table, has pretty much the same attitude. She is not quite sure why the nice lady in the yellow Scientology Volunteer Minister t-shirt wants to rub her back, but ‘it feels so good,’ she tells me, so who really cares? I ask Nyler if this is her first massage. Nyler shakes her head no; since fleeing New Orleans after a tree fell on her house, she has visited this tent many times, becoming something of an assist-aholic. ‘I have nerves,’ she explains in a blissed-out massage voice.” This is a serious news story from the manifesto of the left. “Wearing a donated pink T-shirt with an age-inappropriate slogan, Nyler tells me…” Naomi Klein, by the way, the authorette of the story, “tells me what she is nervous about.” She thinks New Orleans might never get fixed, “‘Because the people who know how to fix broken houses are all gone.’ I don’t have the heart to tell Nyler that I suspect she is on to something; that many of the African-American workers from her neighborhood may never be welcomed back to rebuild their city. An hour earlier I had interviewed New Orleans’ top corporate lobbyist, Mark Drennen.

“As president and CEO of Greater New Orleans Inc., Drennen was in an expansive mood, pumped up by signs from Washington that the corporations he represents were about to receive a package of tax breaks, subsidies and relaxed regulations so generous it would make the job of a lobbyist virtually obsolete. Listening to Drennen enthuse about the opportunities opened up by the storm, I was struck by his reference to African-Americans in New Orleans as ‘the minority community.’ At 67 percent of the population, they are in fact the clear majority, while whites like Drennen make up just 27 percent. It was no doubt a simple verbal slip, but I couldn’t help feeling that it was also a glimpse into the desired demographics of the new-and-improved city being imagined by its white elite… ‘I honestly don’t know and I don’t think anyone knows how they are going to fit in,’ Drennen said of the city’s unemployed.” So isn’t it convenient, the left will use the term minority to convey skin color when they want to, but how often have you ever referred to them as the majority anywhere? Now they’re the majority and they’re still being pushed around by a 20% minority, the white elites. Ethnic cleansing is going on in New Orleans, ladies and gentlemen. This is the fear of the reasoned thought on the left.

“New Orleans is already displaying signs of a demographic shift so dramatic that some evacuees describe it as ‘ethnic cleansing.’ Before Mayor Ray Nagin called for a second evacuation, the people streaming back into dry areas were mostly white, while those with no homes to return to are overwhelmingly black. This, we are assured, is not a conspiracy; it’s simple geography — a reflection of the fact that wealth in New Orleans buys altitude. That means that the driest areas are the whitest (the French Quarter is 90 % white; the Garden District, 89 %; Audubon, 86 %; neighboring Jefferson Parish, where people were also allowed to return, 65 %)… Rather than rebuild ghettos, New Orleans should be resettled with ‘mixed-income’ housing, with rich and poor, black and white living side by side.” That’s called the managed community strategy here of The Nation. Now, you might think, “Well, Rush, come on, look at what you’re reading from, this is not a mainstream view.” It may not be a mainstream view, folks, but I’m telling you, we have become a Balkanized society. These are white liberals writing this stuff. These are white elite liberals writing this stuff about ethnic cleansing going on in New Orleans.



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