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RUSH: Talking here about the Limbaugh Plan that I articulated last week, I am happy to tell you that a number of conservatives have taken up the challenge. ‘Conservative House Republicans plan to recommend today more than $500 billion in savings over ten years to compensate for the costs of Hurricane Katrina, as the lawmakers continue to struggle to develop a consensus on the fiscal approach to the disaster.’

Now, one thing you have to understand here. This $200 billion that has been allocated or mentioned or 300 billion, that’s not going to be spent in one year. That’s not going to be spent in two or three years. This is going to be parceled out over a number of years. So you have to amortize this, if you will, on an annual basis — and that’s why the House Republicans here, conservative House Republicans claim they have found $500 billion in cuts over ten years. They have found $31 billion delaying the welfare drug bill. This is the prescription drug bill that the scheduled recipients in poll after poll don’t even want. There’s $25 billion in highway pork. It all adds up — and, by the way, that $31 billion from the Medicare prescription drug plan, that comes from just delaying the start for one year. That’s not canceling the program. Just delay the start for a year, you get $31 billion. Ha! That’s fine.

They’re thinking about this, folks. I’m telling you from the get-go: this has been a tremendous opportunity. We conservatives stand up for what we believe in; we proclaim what we believe in. We are honest about it, and when we implement it, it works. That scares the left as well.


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