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RUSH: There’s an overriding theme to the program today. I saw something on the Internet last night, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how upset the Democrat kook fringe is with their party, and I have come to a conclusion. I think they’re right! These people need to be encouraged. The Democrat activists who are the voice of the Democratic Party need to be encouraged today. They need help getting their message to the elected so-called mainstream Democratic Party in Washington, and as the program unfolds today, I am going to assist them in getting their message to elected Democrats in Washington, because they’ve got a point, folks. They really do have a point. The point that they’re making is: “It’s time the Democratic Party stood up and honestly announced what it is. It’s time the Democratic Party stopped lying and stopped trying to fool people and let’s just be who we are. Let’s just announce who we are, what we’re for, what we’re against, and let’s roll the dice,” and they are right about this, and I will develop this later on in the program. Have you seen this AP story by…? Well, there’s a couple of them out there. The Democrats are suspicious. The Democrats are suspicious at how rapid the federal response is to Hurricane Rita plowing into Texas, compared to how slow it was going into Louisiana, and they are demanding an investigation! I have it right here. Dingy Harry, Democratic critic, “said the preparation for Rita seemed to exceed those for Katrina, and called anew for an independent panel to investigate why.”
They can’t let go of it, folks. It’s just too good. So now obviously they want to investigate why all of a sudden is FEMA getting in gear, when they didn’t get in gear for New Orleans. Why are they getting…? Well, the real question I have is this. My question is this: I want to know why Bush is sending this hurricane to Texas. I mean, it could go back and finish off New Orleans, if he really wanted to. He can level it. But he’s sending it to his own state. Why is Bush sending this hurricane to his own state? I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you exactly why — and did you see the Chinese are going to give away a hundred thousand Bill and Monica Lewinsky condoms? I have an idea for one here in just a second (story). I think Bush is sending this hurricane to Texas, and the original track said Houston. Who’s in Houston? New Orleans evacuees, and they’re in the Astrodome. Bush wants to finish them off once and for all. He didn’t get them in New Orleans so it’s time now to finish off those evacuees once and for all. He knows they’re never going to vote Republican. He doesn’t want to take chance they’re going to go back to New Orleans and make that a big Democrat state. He going to send this hurricane to target the Astrodome, and who cares if he loses the Astrodome, because he’s got a buddy named Bob McNair, and Bob McNair owns the Houston Texans football team, and McNair’s team plays Reliant Stadium, which is right next to the Astrodome and dwarfs the Astrodome.
So if Hurricane Rita destroys the Astrodome, it’s less competition for public events for McNair, who owns Reliant Stadium, and you wipe out the evacuees from New Orleans — all in one bundle! So it’s clear that Bush has a motivation. Have you seen that global warming is taking place — or climate change is taking place — on Mars? And I’m wondering: What is Bush doing there? What did Bush do to screw up Mars? How’s he doing that? Do we have people up there that we don’t know about? Is he already and Halliburton up there drilling for oil in Mars? Is that what’s going on up there? Folks, this day is unlike many. The gifts that we have today, they don’t come down the pike very often so I’ve got to do my best to squeeze all this in. Do you remember during the presidential campaign of ’04 at Madison Square Garden, Whoopi Goldberg went out there and a bunch of entertainers for Kerry and Edwards, and it was just obscene. It was profane. It was offensive and all that, and then Kerry and Edwards went out there and thanked them for a great job, called them the ? What? ? the heartbeat of America, the mainstream of America, or whatever he called them. Well, last night a similar gathering took place. Where was this? Mike, you were there. It was at Madison Square Garden last night, ladies and gentlemen, and they had a concert From the Big Apple to the Big Easy — and it was a Pay-Per-View concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Bette Midler took to the stage. We have three sound bites. Here’s #1.

MIDLER: I could stand up here and talk for hours (cheering) about ineptitude, stupidity (louder cheering), blame, in-e-qual-i-ty, global warming (cheering), the dangerous destruction of the wetlands. But if I did, what will all those other people have to talk about? I’m telling you these are — these are not just dangerous times, these are — these times are disastrous. We’re surrounded by disasters! The war, the hurricane, the Fox News. (cheering) It just goes on and on. I get so depressed!
RUSH: I’m wondering if the Hurricane Katrina victims watching this wonder how this is going to help them. (laughing) What’s this got to do with that? Bette Midler then continued.
MIDLER: A terrible thing happened to me. Today I got a letter from the Republican Party thanking me (boos) thanking me, thanking me for supporting this administration’s policies. I did what any self-respecting American of integrity and class would do, I wrote “Go [bleep] yourself!” (wild cheering) I sent it back! Postage due!
RUSH: So the rage and hatred continues. You know, you give them a forum and they’ll tell us who they are. This fits right into the theme I have today. These people need to be more like Bette Midler. She is the party, she and the blogs. They need to stop, you know, just only doing this occasionally. This is how they need to actually address the American people, and this is how they need to approach us and tell us what they’re for, and what they’re going to do to straighten the country out and so forth. Let us know who they are. Keep talking in this manner, and this is… As I say I’m going to get into some specific ideas for these people as we go. Now, I know this probably makes you mad, but it’s Bette Midler. She’s a has-been, folks. Her salad days are behind her in more ways than one, and she’s just craving attention. She’s just an angry, bitter woman — and I guarantee you it enrages you and it enrages a lot of people. Maimone was there. Mike, I’m hearing more reaction than you said there was. Were these boos? I can’t really make it out. Okay, so they were cheering. They were still up and down and going crazy. We have one more bite, and this is the pi?ce de r?sistance.
MIDLER: I would never actually pick on George Bush, because, you know, he’s a big fan of mine. He came to see me in the seventies, came to a show of mine in the seventies. A coke dealer of his, uh, got him some tickets, and… (cheers) Tonight we are here to be together, to help rebuild the Gulf coast, to help — help rebuild the soul of America, the soul of America, New Orleans, New Orleans. We have to find a way to start listening to each other, to nature, and to the rest of the world, because who wants to live with so much danger.
RUSH: Yeah, so keep talking. You’ve seen these Bill and Hillary condoms out there, the Chinese company honoring ex-President Bill Clinton. This has to make Hillary so proud. I mean this just has to make her so proud, and if I know the Clintons, they’re going to sue for royalties on this, as money hungry as they are — and I think they should. They get exactly what they deserve: Royalties from condom sales. But I think what ought to happen is that maybe one of these condoms, probably better a Clinton condom than a Lewinsky condom. Give one to Bette Midler and let her put it over her head and run around as the [blank] she is.

RUSH: A little bit more on Bette Midler here. Apart from the politics of all this, stop and think how utterly irresponsible these people are to use these relief efforts to advance themselves, and then they at the same time turning off potential contributors. This is Pay-Per-View around the country last night. This is not about the libs. Yeah, they’re just a bunch of narcissists. It’s about helping these people that are in need after Hurricane Katrina went through New Orleans and Mississippi. You know, if it wasn’t for these disaster events, half of these washed-up entertainers wouldn’t be appearing anywhere anyway, like Bette Midler. It just a comical thing to sit here and continue to watch this. Mary Landrieu was on American Morning on CNN. The cute-little-baby fat Mary Landrieu. I still get grief from describing her that way. Even Cookie here on the sound bite roster writes, “Cute-Little-Baby Fat Mary Landrieu.” As I said, “To me she looks a little cute, looks like some little baby fat,” and people are still giving me some grief over that. But Soledad O’Brien asked her a question today: “You would like the bulk of the money to be managed, though, by the state and the rebuilding to be headed by the people who live in New Orleans?”
CUTE-LITTLE-BABY FAT MARY LANDRIEU: Obviously if something happened to New York or San Francisco, they’d have the same view. We want New Yorkers to rebuild New York. We want people that live in San Francisco to rebuild San Francisco. So the same thing for New Orleans. We want to make it whole and wonderful and better and stronger, and last night, at Madison Square Garden, your entertainers came together to really support the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast.
RUSH: And so now she endorses the likes of Bette Midler and her comments about President Bush. Of course Mary Landrieu ought to feel right at home. She has threatened to punch out President Bush, and when asked about that she said, No, I meant it! I’ll punch out President Bush and anybody else! Soledad says, “at one point you were jokingly threatening — maybe ‘threatening’ is too strong a word — but you jokingly said you would punch him in the nose if he continued to criticize local relief efforts and state relief efforts. Is the relationship better now you think? I mean, you’re obviously not happy.”
CUTE-LITTLE-BABY FAT MARY LANDRIEU: Well, actually that wasn’t just directed at the president [sic] ( <a target-new href=”http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2005/9/4/101101.shtml”>1</a> | <a target=new href=”http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2005/9/17/94602.shtml”>2</a> ) I said I would punch anybody who continued to criticize first responders and local people on the ground who were trying to save lives. Police officers and doctors and nurses that waded through ten feet, you know, of water to try to save, uh, their families and their communities.
RUSH: Yeah, well, she did threaten to punch out the president. She did specify him. When given the chance to back out, she didn’t. So, you know, I know all this stuff enrages you. It’s gotten to the point now where it makes me laugh. It’s the Wellstone memorial all over again, and if they think it’s helping them, they just… I don’t know. All this just flat-out amazes me. But again, it all flows with the theme of the program today, and that is to encourage these people to speak up even more.

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