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<b>Submit your ideas to supplement the Limbaugh Plan to pay for the rebuilding
of the Gulf Coast region. E-mail your ideas via the Rush 24/7 Member e-mail
and we’ll post the best submissions right here at RushLimbaugh.com.</b>
Your Latest Ideas…
One way to cut government waste would be to put the entire Congress and Senate on the same pension plan as the rest of their constituents.
Let them just draw Social Security!
Retroactively change the pension for “retired” senators. Cut the salary and emoluments of senators and congressmen.

<hr>Take all the fines in each NFL game and put them in the Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel relief fund.
<hr>1. Repeal Federal Gas Tax.
2. Louisiana should repeal their state gas taxes.
3. Liberal democrats should have a $1000 a plate fundraiser for rebuilding, except knowing liberals they won’t show up because they are never the ones to blame and are never the ones to fix anything, especially using their own money.
4. Repeal all licensing fees that discourage private enterprise.
5. George Soros and all the anti-American, rich elitist left should donate has much money to the rebuilding effort as they did to the Al Gore and John Kerry presidential campaigns, because we all know how “THEY CARE SO MUCH FOR THE LITTLE GUY” “Little Guy” is a phrase coined by the libs to divide people. You know like “unfortunate,” “less fortunate”, “under privileged,” “minority”, etc. etc. . . . SINCE ALL THESE PEOPLE CARE SO MUCH FOR AMERICA. How do they care and hate so much at the same time.
6. The mayor of NO, Landrieu and the Governor of LA should be charged with crimes.
The crime? . . . liberalism.
<hr>Rename “Gulf Coast Reconstruction” to “Byrd/Kennedy Reconstruction” and see how fast the funds fly in.
<hr>Instead of asking for donations from Republicans (since January 2005, I’ve received almost 100 mailed requests and several phone calls) get to the ‘bully pulpit’ and tell the country of the lies of the left, media included. If the ‘swimmer’ makes another outrageous statement, blast him back. Remind all about Clinton’s failures during hurricanes, heat wave deaths in the mid-west, blaming the Waco fiasco on Reno and his failures with pre-9/11 information follow-up.
Tell all how Hillary has done nothing for NY State. A handful of bills she supposedly contributed to and went nowhere.
<hr>1)Figure the approximate amount of $$$ needed to rebuild
2) Calculate the % of budget this amount represents
3) Have congressmen agree to reduce the budget (pork) by that %.
How can any congressperson NOT agree to reduce the budget (pork) in their state by say 5%, 10%, etc. to help the Gulf?? IT’S ALL PAID FOR!!!
<hr>More Pork to Cut:
– The entire Dept of Education
– Congressional Staff Payrolls (only the ones who offer bad advice)
– Congressional Pay Hikes
– TSA (contract it out)
– NASA’s next trip to the moon
<hr>My idea for this plan harkens back to the days of the WPA. Those living in the effected areas, that were on welfare or receiving some type of benefits, from either the local, state or federal government, should be required to work a minimum of 40 hours per week on some project that is directly related to the rebuilding of their city. Their payment is the continuation of their benefits.
<hr>Collect all the unpaid parking tickets from the UN “Excellencies” and spend that on rebuilding New Orleans.
<hr>If you want to rebuild New Orleans quickly, make New Orleans a federal tax free zone for the next 5 years. For every dollar physically earned in the zone, 0 federal taxes would be taken out. Imagine the number of people who would flock to New Orleans and how quickly the city would be rebuilt.
<hr>Make the credit cards they’re giving out only good for certain products like WIC cards : only healthful food items or baby formula and diapers, and low cost hygiene items. Also, make receiving housing and other costly benefits dependant on having full time jobs or being trained for and keeping a full time job.

<hr>What a great time for a nuclear power plant to be built in the New Orleans area! With all the billions to be spent it would hardly be noticed and would alleviate a lot of the energy stress.
<hr>Use the Clinton Library [and Massage
Parlour] as a permanent shelter for
the evacuees of New Orleans.
<hr>Close the Department of Education.
<hr>Give every family $250,000 and tell them they are on their own. They can choose to settle somewhere else or build in La. But when the money is out, it’s over. As the government did with 911, have them sign a waiver saying they could not sue the government or return for more money.
<hr>For any employer that hires a Katrina victim waive both the employer and employee portions of the payroll tax. These become another IOU in the non-existent “trust fund.” While this increases the debt because of the extra IOUs to Social Security there is little overhead and it doesn’t go through the corrupt state and local governments.
<hr>Flood renewal Plan: Let President Fox of Mexico send in 500,000 Mexicans who are willing to do hard work which he said Americans are too lazy to do.
<hr>Sell Hurricane bonds (privately funded by Bank of America)
<hr>Rush here are some of my ideas for cutting pork.
1. Relocate UN headquarters to France. Sell the UN building, therefore won’t have to renovate or rebuild the current UN building.
2. Cut out funding (all programs) for the UN so that it becomes nothing more than a meeting place for world leaders to debate issues.
In New Orleans: Rather than hauling off contaminated dirt (sludge) make parts of New Orleans a landfill to build it up above sea level. Thus removing some of the need for the levees and levee rebuilding.
<hr>House whoever can’t afford or find their own lodging on closed army bases.
<hr>Divert all of Nancy’s Pelosi’s future Botox expenditures. This would most likely cover most of the cost.
<hr>Waive overly restrictive environmental regs in this area to encourage a company to build refineries or nuclear power plants.
<hr>End the practice of making a career of elected office. Stop paying pensions to elected officials and send that money to NOLA.
<hr>1. Stop sending money to Africa for AIDS. That’s $1 billion or so.
2. Reverse the decision to federalize airport security.
3. Cut capital gains tax so businesses can revive devastated areas of the country.
<hr>The Joycelyn Elders Plan: We must have safer hurricanes. We must have safer floods. Combined with safer bullets and safer guns you can build a paradise.
<hr>Suspend all NEA grants and use the money to rebuild the Gulf Coast region.
<hr>Locate all the laundered money pocketed by U.N. officials in the Oil-for-Food scandal and make the U.N. return it.
<hr>Great One, Dittos!
President Bush MUST FORCE (the only way) Congress to forego their yearly / monthly / weekly increases in their Expense Accounts for the next three years — at least until the Democrats officially continue their rule again. THAT would help.
<hr>Dear Rush. You mention that we ought to have an excrement list for Foreign Aid. Now is the time to tap into that resource to include the UN.
<hr>Do not — I repeat do not — let local LA officials handle any of the money.
<hr>Cut out automatic congressional pay raises for ten years.
<hr>Generate countless hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by requiring liberal senators and congresspersons to donate their salaries to the cause (which you’d think they’d happily be willing to do!)
<hr>Set up a secret Manhattan-style Project to develop hydrogen production from water. Use our nuclear power plants to provide the energy for this conversion. Do not share this technology with any one. Once we have refined the technology to use hydrogen for energy instead of oil, the Middle East becomes obsolete. Then the ChiComs and Russia can fight over the oil. How would you like to see those Chinese tanks rolling into Mecca?
<hr>As has been seen repeatedly, people mostly build where they want to, in spite of planning, zoning, etc. Offering federal land to homesteaders is great, moves it from tax exempt back onto the property tax rolls, much needed in most communities. BLOCK GRANT THE MONEY. Calculate approximately how much is available to be spent and give each individual their portion and see what they can do with it. That bypasses all the bureaucracy sucking billions out of the system UNproductively. It shouldn’t take 10 people earning $10 to $25 an hour to give $5 to one person (impulse numbers unsubstantiated but probably not far from the truth). It has already been indicated the first $60 billion comes to $200,000 per evacuee. If ONE Fed agent had been sitting 100 miles from New Orleans writing $100,000 checks to each evacuee who could get there to receive it, how many people would have been left in New Orleans?
<hr>My plan is to eliminate farm subsidies of all kinds for three years and rescind all discretionary congressional expenditures (“turkeys”) for 2005 and 2006. These would pay the rebuild costs for the Gulf region.
Make it a requirement that the foundation of every building rebuilt be built up above the mean sea level. The rebuilders can use the dirt and sand dredged up when the Army Corps of Engineers clears the shipping channels. The Corps can also be allowed to deepen or widen the channels to provide the fill dirt and rock.
This will help mitigate the flooding problem in the future and allow for expanding the port.
<hr>Contract Haliburton or one of the major oil companies to build a refinery in New Orleans area but use local people as much as possible. This would lower the price of gas plus employ the people of New Orleans.
<hr>It is time to take the U S Postal Service back. The unions and government-employee quasi-CEOs along with special interests have dominated this great and durable government owned cash cow corporation too long. Bush could mandate a cut to the USPS management team overhead by 50%, expand services and revenue, employ 200,000 more craft workers, and generate $5 trillion over the next two decades. The generated funds could rebuild New Orleans, pay the deficit, fund Social Security and put us on the road to a real tax free society. Shoot, Rush, the possibilities are endless you gotta pass this message to the top.
<hr>Send all of NO’s criminals to Mexico and Cuba – return the favor.
We have an opportunity to render the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Lacy Clay, Al Sharpton and the like powerless. The entire message these individuals and groups have spouted for the last 40-plus years has been that Republicans will not care what happens to minorities in this type of situation.
Already, the affected people have seen what America feels about them simply by the response. Billions are going to be generated by the private sector as well as the current administration to rebuild. Those who play the race card for the sole purpose of keeping their power base should now be exposed for the liars they are.
Let’s see it done right and prove that conservatism is the logical philosophy for running one’s life.
<hr>Hire the Starbucks accountant team. They seemed to have discovered that if expenditures exceed income then that business model is “not sustainable.” We can call it the “Coffee for Pork” program. I’m sure Starbucks will provide Congress with free coffee to ease their pain.
Do away with the gasoline tax (It will help lower the burden on gas prices and inflation) and tax by 1/4 % all purchases nationwide except food and medicines. The revenue will go directly to the Gulf reconstruction.
<hr>To get the needed money for bailing out and rebuilding the welfare-statist city of New Orleans it is necessary to cut federal spending.
Where to begin cutting — top priority:
1. Abolish the Department of Education and replace it with nothing but its absence.
2. Abolish the Department of Energy and replace it with nothing but its absence.
3. Abolish all federal subsidized housing schemes (“Section 8” housing subsidies) and replace them with nothing but their absence.
4. Abolish the National Endowment for the Arts and replace it with nothing but its absence.
5. Abolish all subsidies to National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System.
6. Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency and replace it with nothing but its absence.
7. Re-examine the recently passed “Transportation bill” and repeal the billions of dollars in wasteful pork in that monstrosity.
And when Will President Bush learn what the word “veto” means?
<hr>Have a carnival on the National Mall where the main attraction would be a “dunk the lib” dunk tank. Ten bucks a ball to soak your most loathed lib! Teddy Kennedy would obviously be first.
<hr>How about a Katrina vanden Heuval voluntary tax to be placed on this year’s tax form? The libs are saying our tax brackets are too low, so we can adjust them individually and the government can issue a report that would tell what percentage of taxpayers upped their brackets and by how much.
<hr>1) End the Death Tax.
2) End the Federal Grants to the AARP and all other lobby groups.
3) Implement early completion bonuses for all reconstruction projects to ensure the work is completed on time.
I hope this helps.
God bless.
<hr>- Permanent Tax Cuts
– No State Income Tax
– Repeal Death Tax
– Flat Tax
– No Spending Increase over 4% Per Year
<hr>Roll back the cost of government (except for military) to 1950s standards plus inflation. With that much cash, it should be possible to build El Dorado instead of rebuilding New Orleans.
Being a new 24/7 member I have to say, “BRAVO.” My idea is also War Bonds to help offset our cost on the terror war or maybe a reconstruction bond. Let the American people participate in what we believe in.
<hr>Why not consider the cost-effectiveness of dredge a channel as far a Baton Rouge, out of the hurricane flood zone, and rebuild the commercial seaport infrastructure there?
<hr>Make a senator’s and congressman’s salary equal to that of their state’s average income. This would also help them keep in touch with us common folk. Also, stop letting them expense their week long trips to some Caribbean island just because they had lunch with a governor one day. Lastly, we could use the “Limbaugh Excrement List” idea.
<hr>Here are some suggestions:
1. Repeal the prescription drug bill.
2. Stop sending foreign aid to countries that hate us.
<hr>Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize for his Peace initiative between Egypt and Israel at the cost of $4 billion per year. Egypt and Israel are at peace with one another and it is time to tell them that we have other priorities now and we want to use the $4 billion per year on reconstruction of our Gulf Coast.
($4 billion is a significant number when you are talking billions.)
Reexamine all of our Foreign Aid and make sure that it is not being spent against us in the form of terrorist aid. It’s time to get serious about Foreign Aid.
<hr>Federalize the ACLU, NAACP, NOW, NEA, PETA, Sierra Club, all University Professors, AP, Reuters and Michael Moore, and put them to work cleaning the Superdome with toothbrushes.
<hr>If we implement the fair tax then we would be swimming in money and the economy will boom!
<hr>My Idea is simple. No free money! This can not become the big welfare payday. Why pay contractors for labor that the displaced residents can perform. If we as a country are to support N.O., why not expect them to help themselves?
<hr>1. Create more Dittoheads in the affected regions. More Dittoheads means more Americans with the entrepreneurial spirit that thrive on their own without government assistance.
2. Put a 75% Alcohol consumption tax on Senator Kennedy.
<hr>1. Scrap McCain-Feingold;
2. Eliminate Baseline Budgeting.
<hr>Relocate the UN in New Orleans and all of the other countries would REALLY help in rebuilding the city. If they don’t help, well, I guess the UN won’t be back in business.
<hr>Go back to having a part-time legislature. Congress would do less harm if they were there only part of the year.
The wasteful NASA projects such as Mars landers and Jupiter landers need to stop being sent out. These have no future uses for anyone. We will never live on Mars or Jupiter and these rockets usually don’t even land on the planet they are sent to and when they do, they don’t work. Billions of wasteful spending in the NASA programs Rush. Time to cut them out.
<hr>Rush, I think I have a way to save several million dollars in the Federal Budget to help the Katrina victims. Have all the Congressmen (and -women of course), give up one sycophant, er, I mean staffer, for the rest of their terms in Congress. Just one staffer less, and thus each Congressman could chip in at least $100k per senator and representative.
<hr>Now that gas has breached the three-bucks-a-gallon mark and hybrid cars are flying off the show rooms like a 2-fer sale at Wal-Mart, tax them. Tax the crap out of hybrid cars — and tax Algore’s Escalade.
<hr>Enact Social Security Private Accounts now. The $500B- $1T we are losing each year we wait could be used.
Stop spending the millions of dollars a month in Bosnia. We were supposed to leave eight years ago. Abolish the IRS and start over with a simple form.
Anyone who receives a check from the taxpayers in this country must work for it by community service, including cleaning the streets and neighborhoods in their community. Five years max, no generational welfare. Stop sending money and aid to countries that hate our guts and organizations like the UN.
Collect all the money that’s owed to us for the war in Kuwait and Afghanistan. Have Iraq start to pay us back by providing free or cheap oil. This new government would not exist without America.
Why don’t they ease the restrictions on campaign financing and use a percentage of that money to help? Let the politicians use money out of their own pockets and see how much they care.
<hr>Let Bill Clinton give paid speeches about himself to the U.N. and donate fees to rebuilding the Gulf.
<hr>Lift all taxes on gasoline for the affected counties. Suspend EPA regs to allow building new refineries in the areas. (jobs)
<hr>Eliminate Poop Regulation that prevents the selling and using of three-gallon toilets, and other useless regulations.
After all, if I were able to use a three-gallon tank and waste all that water, there probably wouldn’t have been as much water around to flood New Orleans.

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