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Well, folks, it looks like, “For the second straight week Donovan McNabb played like a white quarterback.” That’s a quote from (laughing) not me. That is a quote today from Bill Conlin in the Philadelphia Daily News, and I had to mention this to you. I can’t tell you the number of people who have sent this to me. Did I give you heart failure in there, Brian? Brian is going, “Oh, no!” I didn’t say it. Bill Conlin, a white guy at the Philadelphia Daily News starts his column, For the second straight week, Donovan McNabb played like a white quarterback.” Last Monday night did “an excellent imitation of Ryan Leaf. Yesterday [he] did a more than passable imitation of Joe Montana.”

Now, Conlin’s point later on in the column is this: “It is past time to end the QB stereotype debate. We agreed decades ago that Sinatra and Ray Charles were both dynamite singers… Donovan McNabb can pass…and he can run with the best backs in the NFL-when he wants to or is forced to-This is one hell of a quarterback.”
The stereotype of black quarterbacks is they don’t pass, they run, and something I have never mentioned, by the way, on this program. But Bill Conlin finally gets it out there in Philadelphia in the media: “Donovan McNabb played like a white quarterback for the past two weeks.” Okay. Whew! See what happens with this now that I have mentioned it. See how many mentions of this also quote the source. (interruption) What, Mr. Snerdley? What you are looking at me with a blank look? No, there won’t be a gaggle of reporters around this guy for doing this. He’ll be praised. (Laughing.) He’ll be praised more than likely, if they do anything. I don’t know. We’ll wait and see if anything happens.



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