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RUSH: I have two Clinton sound bites. He was on the Today Show today, and you have to hear this. Matt Lauer was talking to him. ‘Were you surprised, four years after 9/11, so much time, energy and money spent on preparedness, that we seem so ill-prepared to handle a catastrophe in a major city.’ Listen to the whole thing here.

CLINTON: I think handling the aftermath of a natural disaster is different than preventing a terrorist attack. I actually believe that the federal government has been quite good about that, in spite of the breakdowns that led up to 9/11. There were any number of terrorist attacks prevented in the 1990s and there have been a lot of terrorist cells broken up —

RUSH: Hold it. That’s all you got to hear. Where were they? My God, we had a spade of terrorist attacks that occurred in the ’90s. We had the Khobar Towers. We had these embassy bombings. We had the World Trade Center that they blew up in 1993. What is he talking about? That’s what I mean. He’s trying to just redo history here, rewrite it, give himself a legacy. A lot of terrorist attacks prevented in the ’90s. Now, I’ve also told you how Clinton cannot stop bragging about how rich he has become. Lauer said to him, ‘If you will, with the price tag that we’re seeing with Iraq, 200 billion, the rebuilding of the Gulf states estimated to be the same thing, gas prices. If you were president today, what sacrifices would you ask the American people to make to pay those bills?’

CLINTON: Well, I would repeal the tax cuts for upper income people. I myself have gotten four tax cuts while young Americans have gone off to risk their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, while we’ve had this massive natural disaster. We’ve run up this huge deficit, and we turn around — how are we getting — how are we covering this money? We are borrowing the money from China, Japan, Korea —

RUSH: All right. That’s it, that’s enough. [Clinton impression] ‘I have had four tax cuts, Matt. Four tax cuts — I’m rich enough. I’m part of this 2% now that gets all these tax cuts and I’ve had these tax cuts and I don’t need them.’ That’s just a back-door way of saying, ‘I’m richer than you are.’ (Laughter) Everybody knows that people with class don’t talk about these kinds of things. Clinton just can’t help himself. And then of course there’s nothing stopping him from taking the tax cut and giving it back.


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