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RUSH: I have a question. How many of those millions were specified for whites only? Best I can tell, not one donor has said, “And my money can only go to rich white people down there.” How many of those millions were specified for the rich and the upper middle class only? How many of those who donated money said, “You are only going to give it to the upper middle class and the rich?” I haven’t heard of one. Now, as inspired as I am about the heroic efforts of the rescuers and as awed as I am by the monumental cleanup task, I am disgusted by the looters, not just the looters of food and water, and not even the looters of television sets and DVD players. I’m disgusted by the looters of the tragedy, the low-life politicians picking at the bones of the tragedy for political gain. The low-life Bush-haters looking for their pound of flesh. Do I have to list the Nancy Pelosis and the Harry Reids and the Jesse Jacksons and the Howard Deans and the MoveOn.orgs and the New York Times, do I have to name them? Not really, because the same buzzards that circle every setback, that pick at every issue, are using an act of God to smear the president and the same buzzards are in the air over New Orleans and Mississippi now. Same people, with the same plan, same modus operandi. These people on the left have such a great plan. Maybe if they started planning hurricane evacuations and maybe if they started planning helping this country rather than destroying a president, maybe they would be of some use. Anybody can sit around and circle as a buzzard, anybody can sit around and criticize, whine, moan, and complain.

By the way, as far as the rescue efforts go, have you heard of one rescuer refusing to rescue a black person on a roof? I haven’t. So where, then, does this charge of racism enter the scene, ladies and gentlemen? It enters the scene because it’s not real, it’s merely part of the template through which the Bush critics look at him and his party and conservatism. Is there anything more patently absurd than listening to Mary Landrieu try to deflect responsibility from the Democrat mayor and the Democrat governor by saying, ‘Well, mayors can’t get their people to work even on a sunny day much less come to work in a hurricane.’ I don’t know if you have a chance to watch Mary Landrieu. We can’t show you this on audio only, but she was with Chris Wallace yesterday. Every time he dared to challenge her, the corner of her mouth started to snarl a little bit, and then her safety valve reminded her to smile. Each time it would snarl and smile. Snarl, smile. Snarl, smile. ‘I’m going to kill you,’ smile. ‘How dare you ask me that,’ smile. But, my friends, you know, I don’t have the wisdom to know if her line of attack on the president’s orders from the Harry Reid crowd or if she’s just, you know, CYA of her own A or it’s for the Democrat establishment in Louisiana. I suspect that what really might be going on here is to make sure that these local officials are not criticized so that they can get control of the billions of dollars in aid. If it ever is firmly established by an investigation anywhere that this mayor and the governor blew it then they’re going to be out of the loop in handling the aid money, and I think that’s what Mary Landrieu is trying to protect, among other things.


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