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RUSH: Did anybody watch the ABC pregame show prior to the game? Good, Brian did. I did not watch it. The National Football League, to me, is football. It’s not rappers and Rolling Stones and creaky, aging Carlos Santana, and the rest of these people. I got a story here, Brian, in the Boston Globe today from a guy named Steve Morse. He writes a piece here on how the NFL kickoff show falls short at Gillette Stadium. He was at the stadium watching this. It wasn’t a big deal. A lot of it was on tape. Some of the rappers were hidden under football helmets. Some of them got center stage, or some of the performers. But there’s this interesting paragraph about Kanye West. “It was disconcerting to hear Kanye West’s name booed loudly by Patriots fans who evidently didn’t appreciate his nationally televised comment the other night on a Hurricane Katrina benefit that President Bush doesn’t care about black people. The boos were thunderous and lasted for much of his number.” Did you see this, Brian? Ohhhh, okay. So guess what? That’s what I thought. They cut away to LA where he was, so you didn’t hear the stadium crowd when he was booed. So people watching ABC last night, watching this pregame show, never saw the Gillette stadium crowd react to Kanye West, and so we don’t have any audio of this, because there is no audio. Well, we don’t have any audio from ABC, from television, because they weren’t there. They beamed him on the screen apparently, their Videotron, Jumbotron, whatever you call these things now at these stadiums, and the fans apparently in Boston went nuts — and this is Boston! This is Boston.
They booed thunderously and it lasted for much of his number. Now, I’ve always been consistent here in suggesting that the left overplays its hand, even when they have a winning one. Even when they’re close to having a winning hand, they overplay it and they cause a backlash, and this is sort of a mini-example of it although nobody knows it. If we hadn’t read the Boston Globe today we wouldn’t know that this had happened. Because it didn’t happen on national TV, so if it didn’t happen on TV, it didn’t happen, as far as the country is concerned. But it did happen in Boston. So are we to learn something from this? Yeah, I think we are. Even in the midst of a disaster where you may have the country dissatisfied with the performance of — I don’t care whether it’s federal government, state government, local government, city government, and they may be appalled at what they’re seeing — they still reject the incendiary injection of race into this for all the obvious reasons. Which takes me to a piece here on the American Thinker. It’s one of our favorite blogs and it’s by Rick Moran. Now, Rick Moran is the proprietor of the blog Right-Wing Nuthouse. Now interestingly, too, Rick Moran is, I’m told, the brother of ABC White House correspondent Terry Moran. So let me read to you the headline of this piece: “Dancing on the Graves of Black People.” Now, you might get an idea where this is headed. “For the left, the aftermath of Katrina has proven to be a godsend–” and, by the way, if I may interject here, I sent F. Lee Levin a note last night during halftime of the football game. I said, “You know, F. Lee, I got a sneaking suspicion that the left’s reaction to this is something that they had in the works ever since 9/11. I think the left has been waiting for the next terrorist attack. They’ve got their battle plan in motion, and they knew when the terrorist attack came that they were going to jump on Bush’s case as being ill-prepared, unprepared, lousy, having done nothing, make the case for bigger government, roll out all the video of all the disasters and misery,” and so forth and so on.

And I think one of the reasons they were able to gin up so fast is they’ve had this in the works. They’ve had it in the works and they’ve tried and they’ve grown impatient. When the terrorist attack didn’t come and hasn’t yet come, they sought refuge in other events that they thought might work well, “Let’s try it anyway,” as in forged documents, as in Cindy Sheehan, as in the 9/11 Commission, which was nothing more than attempting to redefine what happened on 9/11 and the response. You remember Bush came out of 9/11 and gave a great speech and the country was unified and he galvanized his presidency, and I think the 9/11 Commission, the whole 9/11 hearings, rather, were all about trying to rewrite history. “No, Bush screwed up. The attack shouldn’t have happened in the first place because Bush screwed up.” I think they’ve been on this mission, and they’ve been trying to implement this plan with every news event that they have seen come along that might fit the mold. None of them really have. Then Katrina hits and they salivate, and they rub their hands together, and they say, “You know what? This is it,” and so they put the plan into motion, and then they got an added bonus here with the pictures, and you know full well in a terrorist attack anywhere, simply by virtue of numbers there are going to be far more middle class people hurt than, say, upperclass and elites. In this situation, the pictures, because of the population of New Orleans, the pictures could show only one thing. That is, who lives there, and whoever lived there is who got hurt, whoever lived there, and whether they got out or not. Now, the people that got out, you don’t see them on TV because they got out, but the people that didn’t get out, you see them on television. Pictures tell the story in America. Ergo, they got an added bonus that this disaster hit New Orleans because the pictures made the case for them.
Since race is one of the central sections of the playbook, here they come. So they had two things rolled into one here and they’ve been waiting to implement it, because they were out there so fast and so organized, the press and everybody on this with the whole contention, “Bush blew it. Bush incompetent. Bush can’t do anything right,” so forth and so on. So that’s what brings me to this piece here by Rick Moran, who, again, the proprietor of the Right-Wing Nuthouse blog, “Dancing on the Graves of Black People ? For the left, the aftermath of Katrina has proven to be a godsend. In fact, I don?t think I?ve seen them this happy since Hugo Chavez hornswoggled Jimmy Carter into certifying his victory in a recall vote last year. There?s just something about communist thugs that brings a smile to the face of an American lefty and makes their hearts go pitter patter. But even a victory by ‘The Laughing Goat’ ( La Cabra que R?e) couldn?t possibly gladden the hearts and warm the cockles of liberals like the prospect of celebrating?what? Well, there?s that drop in the President?s poll numbers. And then there?s?let?s see. Oh! Did I mention the drop in the President?s poll numbers? Yes, these are heady days for our left wing friends. The fact that their celebrations are taking place as a direct result of the distress, suffering, anguish and death of tens of thousands of their fellow citizens seems to not be of much concern to our morally superior betters. In fact, it has emboldened them to advance every crack pot theory on race and class that has poisoned American politics for going on forty years. One could say the left is dancing on the graves of black people, celebrating the exploitation of a political opening brought about by the incompetence of relief efforts in the largely black neighborhoods of New Orleans. Except for one thing: most of those graves are empty at the moment because the future les habitants haven?t even been plucked from the floodwaters yet. But why let a small detail like common decency spoil a good party? It?s Mardi Gras in September in the Big Easy and liberals are dancing the Cajun Reel with the thousands of grinning skeletons who very soon now will start filling up the temporary mortuaries set up to receive them. The fact that we will be denied the edifying television spectacle of watching the gruesome task of retrieving these corpses has now led to charges of a ‘cover-up’ ? as if focusing a camera on the bloated, blackened remains of our fellow citizens should be made into some kind of reality TV show. Kind of a Survivor meets The Great Race high concept production. Why, the syndication possibilities are staggering.”
By the way, may I make a brief observation? 9/11. We cannot show those pictures. Too horrible! Too horrible to relive, folks. We can’t show those pictures. That’s too much stress and too much trauma for the families. We can’t do that. We’re going to show every damn picture we can out of New Orleans. During 9/11 and the aftermath and the elections that followed 9/11, the left said, “You can’t exploit this. How dare you exploit — how dare you exploit 9/11 for your political gain? Why, it was a national tragedy.” Who’s exploiting Hurricane Katrina for political gain? The left. The very people who condemn such actions to even call them exploitation after 9/11. So the hypocrisy is huge and on display for everybody, but it is amazing. Mr. Moran here — and there’s a lot more to this piece, by the way, which he really rips the administration. So don’t get the wrong idea here and I’ll share parts of that here with you too. But he, nevertheless, raises a great point. The left is happy. They’re energized. They’re excited in the midst of a national disaster where many of their own constituents were harmed and maybe killed. The death toll is way, way, way below what projections were, and they’re going house to house. They’re not finding the numbers they thought yet. It may be good news on that score for some people. You never know how the left is going to react to a lower death toll. “Ten thousand deaths minimum,” said the mayor. “Body bags for 25,000 are being flown into the region,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They haven’t even hit 1,000 yet on the official death toll. We got a long way to go but, nevertheless, Mr. Moran has a point.

RUSH: Let me share with you the rest of the piece here by Rick Moran that’s at the American Thinker today. “Consider the hue and cry that went up in the hours and days following September 11, 2001 about how we shouldn?t be showing images of the tortured souls as they jumped to their deaths from those doomed towers.Or the unbearable, constant replaying of the horrific scenes of destruction as the towers fell. The rationale at the time was that such appalling images would breed anger and hate. But the anger and hate that would be bred by showing the maggoty corpses left behind by a man-made disaster are perfectly alright ? as long as that anger and hate is directed at George Bush. After all, from the left?s perspective, if you can?t use images of a rotting cadaver for the ultimate good of making George Bush look bad, why bother? That?s all they have to live for, of course. That and the possibility that the American people will become so outraged at the President?s choice of Michael Brown to head up the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that they will rise up in their righteous anger and smite the Republicans a mortal blow at the polls next year. The elevation of horse show impressario Brown to the lofty perch of FEMA Director may have been an unconscionable and unfathomable act of stupidity on the part of the President. But so was having Ron Brown?s Commerce Department give technology transfer waivers to American companies so that the Chinese army could improve the accuracy of their ICBMs (Clinton). Or selling arms for hostages (Reagan). Or putting price controls on crude oil (Carter). Or putting wage and price controls into place when inflation was at the ‘astronomical’ rate of 4.7% (Nixon). Or supporting Cuban ex-pats in a doomed-from-the-start effort to take back their country from Castro (Kennedy). All Presidents make huge mistakes. Some lead to economic distress. Others actually cost lives. At this moment, despite the left?s charges that Bush is insensitive, I doubt whether the President is getting much restful sleep these past few nights. If there is anything at all that the American people have sensed about this man on a personal level, it is a sense of a simple, faith-based compassion for his fellow citizens. Does he recognize personal responsibility in his disastrous choice of Michael Brown as FEMA Director? Firing the incompetent fool would be a good indication one way or another.” Again I’m reading here from Rick Moran. “But giving Master Brown the heave-ho won?t satisfy the baying hounds at the President?s doorstep. The ghosts of New Orleans may indeed haunt Mr. Bush?s presidency from here on out if he doesn?t act soon to counter the impression that the Federal government isn?t on top of this relief effort. It isn?t enough to promise money and support for the half million displaced people whose lives have been shattered by the storm. This is a given in America. It?s doing what?s expected.”
By the way, on this Mike Brown/FEMA business, just to tell you what I think. I think the president ought to call a press conference and say, “Not only am I not going to fire Mike Brown, here is my Supreme Court nominee and it is either Edith Jones or Michael Ludig.” They’re going to criticize him no matter what he does. This business of trying to make moves to appease the left, when are conservatives in leadership positions going to realize this never works? There’s talk, “Well, you know, we need to have, you know, maybe a judge from New Orleans or maybe a black.” Forget the politics. Just do the right thing. They’re going to end up ripping you no matter what you do. You give them Mike Brown right now and you open the floodgates. FEMA has been no great gift to humanity. You know, Hillary Clinton is out there talking about how great FEMA was in the Clinton years. FEMA’s always been what it is, a federal bureaucracy.
Do you know how long it took to get to Charleston, South Carolina after Hurricane Hugo. Quick, how long? How long did it take FEMA to get there? It took a month! They didn’t get in there for a month. They didn’t start doing actual hard work… I’ve got this somewhere in the stack. Let me dig it up. FEMA was not on the case full bore for a month into Charleston, South Carolina after Hurricane Hugo. You know, and George H.W. Bush, he got all kinds of hell for Hurricane Andrew. At any rate, I just wouldn’t give them any quarter. If they’re trying to end his presidency, if I were him, I wouldn’t help them out. Don’t give them what they want. Mr. Moran says, “What the President needs to do is the unexpected. Americans will back a President after he makes a mistake only when he admits the error in public and asks for forgiveness. Reagan and Clinton both made monumental errors in their second terms and yet finished their times in office with the strong support and even affection of the American people because they recognized their mistakes, apologized for them, and moved on to bigger and better things.” Yeah, well, all well and good, but, you know, this business of apologizing? Fine and dandy but, you know, take a look at Monica Lewinsky today. She’s trying to get into grad school in Europe someplace and I’ve got a story in the stack here about how she is just one totally messed-up person. All she wants is to get married and have a family, and she put on a whole bunch of weight. She’s just an absolute psychological mess, and there’s one reason for it. Well, maybe two, but she was an intern at the time with stars in her eyes, delivering pizza in the Oval Office.

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