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RUSH: Kathleen Blanco is white, correct? George Bush is white, correct? At least according to the pictures I see. The majority of the residents of New Orleans, black, right? According to the census and the pictures I see, right? Yes. Okay. Hurricane comes. Most of the suffering that we are shown is being incurred by black people in New Orleans who are said to be poor, who are said to be black, and about whom it is said Bush is happy this has happened. Bush doesn’t care about black people. Kanye West and the rest of the civil rights leadership echoes this, and why? Well, because Bush is white. Okay. What if I were to say to you, “You know, Kathleen Blanco has been running the state here, she’s in her first term. You’ve had a bunch of white governors throughout the state’s history and you’ve had the population of New Orleans what it is for a long time. And you’ve had the poverty in New Orleans among that population what it is for a long time. I think Kathleen Blanco hates black people. I don’t think she cares about black people, and I don’t think Huey Long cared. I don’t think Edwin Edwards cared about black people. You know why? Because he didn’t do one damned thing to help them out! He sat there, she sat there, all these people sat there while the black people of New Orleans suffered away in poverty as part of the entitlement state. I must conclude they don’t like black people.”
“Oh, that’s outrageous!” you say.
Well, is it any more outrageous than saying George W. Bush, who is not even in Louisiana, hates black people? They’re the ones that had something to do with it. They’re the ones promising black people to elevate them out of those circumstances, take them to the mountaintop. That just didn’t pull. It must be because they don’t like black people, must be because they actually want black people to suffer. Maybe it’s because they’re racists. Maybe they’re racists. Maybe what you have in the case of Kathleen Blanco is really Pieter Botha. Does the name ring a bell, folks? Pieter Botha? He was the leader of South Africa who refused to let Nelson Mandela out of jail. He went to the end of his career trying to uphold apartheid. Yeah. P.W. Botha. Pieter Botha. It looks like we got some apartheid. Louisiana. You got all these white governors; you got poor blacks never getting out of those circumstances — and, in fact, you don’t have even much being done about the rampant crime that was going on down there. We keep hearing that got worse. Maybe all these white governors in Louisiana didn’t want to do anything about the crime because they wanted the black population to kill itself off. Maybe that’s really what’s going on here. Does this make any more sense to you than what the left is saying about George W. Bush? I told you, Mr. Snerdley, I was going to say something that might get me in heap big doo-doo, but I’m just trying to put an A/B picture for you, A/B, side-by-side comparison. You have white governors; you have black people in New Orleans that are destitute, crime-ridden for years, for generations. Nothing is done about it. Nobody ever said during that, “Maybe those people just don’t like the blacks down there. Maybe they just don’t like them, and they’re not doing much about the crime. It’s black-on-black crime. Who cares? So says the governor rather of New Orleans.”
Well of course now you’re offended by this and you’re outraged. “Rush, how dare you say this?”
Is this not exactly what they’re saying about George W. Bush? My point is: why is it believable about Bush to some people, yet totally offensive and outrageous when you say this about Kathleen Blanco or Edwin Edwards or Huey Long? Huh? Well, you know the answer to this. I’m just trying to force you to think about this in a different way.

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