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RUSH: So Kofi Annan is sitting there presiding over the absolute worst scandal in world history. The Volker Commission is pretty much establishing he was asleep at the wheel, and nobody, nobody — the American left, nobody — is demanding Kofi’s head. A little hint: neither is George W. Bush, by the way. But as I told Christine, I had a conversation. In fact, it was F. Lee and I were instant messaging this morning and F. Lee made the same point to me, and I said, “You know, the problem is,” and this is in comparing this to, “Mike Brown must go! Mike Brown must go! Mike Brown is horrible! He’s horrible! He must go!” By the way, the latest on that is… I love this Chertoff guy. (Laughter) I just do. He doesn’t care. By the way, the reason Hillary is aiming at him is because he was on the Whitewater committee that was examining her husband and so forth. She’s got a little personal animus going back and forth with Chertoff, but Chertoff said Brown’s not been fired. He’s not been fired at all. Brown’s been sent back to Washington to head up the big picture for FEMA. Chertoff said even further, “Look, we can’t just keep focusing on Katrina here. We’ve got other natural disasters out there waiting to occur,” and he talked about this hurricane Ophelia van den Heuvel that is percolating out there in the Atlantic just off the coast of Florida. It’s starting to finally move northeast, but here’s the thing on this hurricane. This hurricane is supposed to go out there and track a northeasterly direction here for three or four days, but there’s a big high pressure ridge that’s going to settle over the eastern United States, the southeastern US, and that’s going to provide a steering current they think for Hurricane Ophelia van den Heuvel.

This hurricane is going to do a loop. It’s going to do a clockwise loop, and they don’t really know now where it’s going to go. The models here just look funny. The funniest hurricane model display I’ve ever seen. I know where the websites are to find these things. They’re so mingled and jumbled, you can’t follow each track, but the National Hurricane Center, paid professionals to analyze these spaghetti models, has the track going pretty near Savannah, Georgia, and up into South Carolina by midweek next week. So it’s going to do one of these turns. I mean, it’s close to a 360, clockwise 360, then move on in, but it’s so far out. It depends on the strength of that high. There’s so many variables out there that they really don’t know what this is going to do right now. But anyway, Chertoff said (summarize), “That thing’s out there, and it’s building strength out there, and we’ve got to have our guy at the helm back in Washington.” So Brown has not been fired. He’s been sent back to Washington to oversee the big picture. As Chertoff says, “Hey, we can’t keep focusing all of our efforts on Katrina.” Now, you wait ’til the media and the left get through with that statement. Anyway, as to Kofi, and I was telling F. Lee Levin, factually, Christine in Ojai, California, you’re absolutely right. There is a great disparity here. We don’t make any move to get rid of Kofi. Kofi is incompetent. Being the most charitable we can about Kofi Annan, he’s incompetent. That’s being charitable. So why is there no clamor for his head?
What I told F. Lee today was, I said, “The thing is that Kofi Annan doesn’t impact anybody’s life personally and the UN doesn’t either, really.” I mean, the UN is a boondoggle. It’s a natural disaster itself. It is a haven for murdering dictators and thugs to get legitimacy, and to be called “excellencies” by Kofi Annan himself during the General Assembly meeting. But nobody’s life’s impacted by Kofi Annan. Nobody, not directly, not that they know. Kofi Annan’s not even an American. Kofi Annan, he had nothing to do with the hurricane, for example. About the only thing you can do is illustrate the hypocrisy of the left. If they’re worried about competence, why don’t they really go after one of the biggest offenders in the world when it comes to scandals, and that’s Kofi Annan. The reason is simple. Getting rid of Kofi Annan. There are two things, actually. Kofi Annan’s their buddy. The UN is their friend because the UN hates Bush. Any enemy of Bush is the friend of the Democrats. Number two, they’re not going to make a move to get rid of Kofi because getting rid of Kofi wouldn’t harm Bush. In fact, getting rid of Kofi might help Bush and it might help Bolton, so there’s no way, and yet you can certainly make the case there’s all kinds of hypocrisy rampant out there running left and right.

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