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RUSH: Hey, a question. I’m going to throw a think piece out there for you. Essentially the O’Connor vacancy has shown up again because now John Roberts is actually the Rehnquist vacancy (news | photos). So when should Bush nominate his next Supreme Court justice? Should he nominate the Supreme Court justice this week? You know, the Roberts hearing is begin on Monday. Should he announce them during the Roberts hearings? When should President Bush announce whoever his pick is, and we can talk about the pick, but the hearings are going to gin up on Monday, and Leahy and Schumer… By the way, Dick Durbin has been appointed the attack dog when it comes to Roberts, and Schumer will be next in line, but they’ll all be doing it.

Now Roberts was pretty much a fait accompli, but now all bets are off. “Now he’s for chief, oh, we need to go even more! We need to dig even deeper!” Well, my point is: Can the Democrats come up with anything different on two nominees at once? You’ve heard of the old technique “flood the zone.” Should Bush flood the zone and throw another nominee right at these guys while they’re in the middle of the Roberts hearings? Absolutely! I mean, these senators are in town to work. You know, it’s funny to listen to Leahy and all these Democrats. We have the sound bite. Listen to Leahy, “Why was there no water!

Why was there no food drop?” Where were you? You’re a member of the US government. Where were you! Under his apple tree reading about John Roberts, getting ready for the hearing? Where were all these guys lamenting? Where’s Harry Reid? He wants a vacation investigation of George W. Bush. Where was Harry Reid? Where were any of these people doing anything? They’re nothing but complainers and whiners. They don’t solve problems, and New Orleans is a classic illustration. You will not solve problems if you put liberals in charge of them.

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