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As Hurricane Katrina (vanden Heuvel) pounded the gulf states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, some of the worst scenes of devastation couldn?t be shown real-time on TV. But even without pictures, reports of families trapped on their rooftops, others calling authorities from their attics where the water threatening to overtake them gave some hint of the storm?s fury.
Likewise, hurricane discussions on websites frequented by the American left gave some hint of their fury. On one, was this observation: ?At some point even the most cold-hearted executive has to admit that global warming is happening. Only a short-sighted egomaniac like Bush will ignore global warming?s effects.?
Well, that was mild. On an ?underground? site for Democrats, posters blamed those who evacuated ? the ?haves? ? for not helping the ?have-nots? — the poor — escape town by carpooling with them. The hurricane was predicted to hit worse, quote, ?in a poor neighborhood. Say no more.?
The discussion continued: ?Heartbreaking?and sickening. Gee, where?s our National Guard? Oh that?s right. They?re in Iraq.?
?If it turns out there is loss of life because of the National Guard being tied up in Iraq, there will be hell to pay.?
?If that?s the case, it falls squarely on BusHitler?s evil shoulders and there is another count of impeachment against him. I hate that [blanker].”
In the weeks and months ahead, there will be a lot of assistance and comfort our fellow citizens will need to recover from Hurricane Katrina. For others, folks, there’s no amount of help will help. Hurricane Katrina didn?t hit them. Hurricane Hate did — and it hit them about the Year 2000.

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