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RUSH: Clay County, in Florida. This is Gregg. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Dittos, Rush.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: I lost my oldest son, Sgt. Justin Weaver Garvey July 20th, 2003, and what these wackos next to Waco are doing out there — and my wife hates me to say that — is they’re not the voice of America. They’re not telling the American people how we truly feel.
RUSH: They know this, by the way. They know it, and that’s what’s frustrating to them. They know their voices are lone and in the wilderness.
CALLER: Yes, they are, and I’m heading to Waco — or Crawford, excuse me — tomorrow, and I will have a thing set up for the foundation that I’ve set up for my son and all of our fallen brothers and sisters of my son. We have… Our goal is to put a memorial in the hometown of every soldier that we’ve lost in our war against terror — and this is just ridiculous. This is stupid.
RUSH: You know what’s going to be said about it? I just want to warn you, Gregg. You know what’s going to be said about you? That you’re “nothing but a stooge and a stool pigeon for the Bush administration and you’re only doing this to respond to Sheehan because she’s being effective.” They’re not going to believe for a moment that what you’re doing is to truly reacting memorials for great Americans who have joined the Armed Forces and gone over to defend the country, and to defend and protect it at the same time. They’re going to impugn your effort as nothing more than a defensive response to the great Cindy Sheehan movement. I want you to be prepared by this.
CALLER: I have been warned to that effect by a number of local and other radio talk show hosts, and I am fully prepared for that. I have been interviewed by a number of newsprint and television people from across the country, and I’ve had a similar situation. I won’t mention any names, but it was a year and a half ago in Daytona Beach I told that woman, “Let’s jump in my truck and drive downtown and let’s see what’s going on here. We’re in the freest country in the world, the world’s most famous beach, and I can guarantee you can find a bum on any street corner that says he’s got it this bad.” It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen to me son; it’s not going to happen to his fallen brothers and sisters. They deserve the utmost respect that this country has to offer, and I’m not worried about who’s going to support this project or who’s not going to, because the people that will, will. But I’m not going to kowtow to the ones that won’t.
RUSH: And you shouldn’t, and I’m glad you’ve got this plan. But I want to assure you of something, too. You know people, even though the dominant influence in the mainstream media is no longer a monopoly, once they glom onto something like this they don’t let go of it, and they keep pounding it and pounding it, and it can affect the mood. Not that it’s representing the majority of thinking, it just makes you mad you have to watch this because you know it’s all such BS. But you have to know that the vast majority of Americans have the same view of the men and women in the Armed Forces of this country — in Afghanistan, Iraq, wherever they happen to be, South Korea, Germany — that you have. Your making the effort to honor them will be appreciated and joined by far more millions Americans than you know, in spirit at least.

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