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RUSH: I have just a fabulous e-mail from a soldier in Iraq that I want to share with you.
<i>Dear Rush,

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy listening to your show when I get a chance. Since I am currently stationed at Camp Anaconda in Iraq, I do not get a chance to hear you while I’m here.

I wanted to let you know about someone special. Her name is Darnel and she is my “Angel.” In case you aren’t familiar with “Angels,” they are people that correspond, via e-mail or letters, with soldiers here in Iraq. They sometimes send care packages as well. Shortly after I arrived here, I signed up on a website called “Soldiers’ Angels.” Within a few weeks, I received an email from Darnel. She wrote that she would be sending me care packages and asked if there was anything specific I wanted. Since then, I have been receiving at least one package every two weeks from her as well as an email or two a week. It is really amazing what some people will do for our fighting force.

Darnel is apparently a big fan of your show. She has mentioned you a couple of times in her e-mails. The last care package she sent included two of your G’itmo t-shirts. She requested that I take a picture and send it to you so that it might get posted on your web page. I thought it was the least I could do for her.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photo. I don’t know if you send out promo type items, but if you do, I would be very thankful if you could send something to her. I am including her information below and trust that you will use it wisely.

Your friend in Iraq,
SSG Jeff Alexander</i>
And, his angel, Darnel, lives in Lake City, Florida. By all means, we’ll make sure she gets a care package from the Club G’itmo store and the EIB Store.

<font color=”#003399″><b>Visit the EIB Store & Order Club G’itmo Gear…</b></font>
<a target=new href=”https://members.premiereinteractive.com/store/”>(…Irritate Leftists All Over the World)</a>
Adopt a Soldier…
(Soldiers’ Angels Home)

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