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RUSH: Here’s Cliff in Washington, Missouri. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing?
RUSH: Hey, couldn’t be better, sir, thank you.
CALLER: Hey you’re kind of beating up on this Joe Wilson guy, and I remember another guy you kind of beat up on. His name was Hans Blix. You called him Inspector Clouseau? (Pause)
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: Yeah. I mean you used words like nitwit, buffoon, a blundering idiot [sic], and that didn’t turn out to be true, did it?
RUSH: You know, I’m really confused, Cliff. You know, I love talking to you people, I really do, but it’s not going to prove useful if you’re not going to listen to what just happened on the radio program. Yeah, I called him Inspector Clouseau. I’ll stand by it to this day. Hans Blix is also an anti-American, UN elitist who was doing his best to undermine the US effort in the war on terror and in Iraq. These inspectors were kicked out of that country long enough for all sorts of stuff to be hidden and moved — and we keep getting little stories here and there of evidence of materials to build bombs and this sort of stuff, and as far as Joe Wilson, I just got through explaining! I’m telling you what the Senate intelligence committee report said. I’m telling you what the 9/11 Commission report said; I’m telling you what William Safire said precisely because I know you’re not going to believe me. You can sit here and say, “Why don’t you stop bashing Blix and stop bashing Wilson?” Why don’t you guys stop bashing Bush? Why don’t you get on, try and explain to us what you people want to do for the country? Why don’t you try to give it just five minutes, five minutes of a policy: How you going to improve on the economy? How you going to win the war on terror? How you going to protect the country? Why don’t you, if you can do it in five minutes. You might only need one. You might only need 30 seconds. You might even not need that long because you don’t have any ideas — and that’s why you have to call here and get on me for “bashing” whoever. We are engaged in the arena of ideas. We’ve got all kinds of ideas. Our ideas are being implemented, and they are working and they are rebounding the economy. They are protecting the country in the war on terror, and all you guys are is a bunch of nattering nabobs of doom and gloom and pessimism and defeat — and all you can do is call here and get on me for bashing people. I’m not “bashing;” I’m telling you the truth about people. It’s up to you to have courage to believe it, or to continue to live in the fog that you’re living in, with a bag over your head or whatever you’re doing.

RUSH: Here’s Scott in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Nice to have you on the program, sir. Hi.
CALLER: Hey, Rush, I’d like to be the first person to call for Valerie Plame’s resignation from the CIA. I don’t know what this incompetent CIA analyst is doing by sending her husband off on a mission to go look for WMDs, but I seem to remember the Democrats complaining incessantly that we haven’t found the WMDs and yet we have a CIA analyst sending her ambassador husband to look for them?
RUSH: Well, he wasn’t actually looking for weapons of mass destruction. He was going over there trying to confirm something that the Brits had told us —
CALLER: Right, right which related —
RUSH: — and the Brits said they stand by it.
CALLER: — to WMDs.
RUSH: Yeah, material for it, nuclear material, the yellowcake uranium, but as I said: He’s incompetent, or else he’s a liar. He could be both! He could be both. His problem is that he’s being handled by Chuck Schumer, and of course Schumer is orchestrating his words and his moves and so forth. But Schumer knows they’ve got a sympathetic press in Washington. They’re not going to look at Wilson the way we’re looking at him here because Wilson’s got the goods. Whether they’re true or not, Wilson’s got the goods that allows the pack mentality to form and execute. So, you know, you can go after her. She may be incompetent, I don’t know. I don’t know anything about Valerie Plame’s career other than what I’ve read in a couple of news stories but from what I’ve been able to gather about Wilson, this is not somebody you would want to trust. David in Tampa. Hello, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.
CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing?
RUSH: Never better, sir. Thanks for the call.
CALLER: First-time caller, thank you for taking my call. I want to follow up on a conversation you were having last week with a gentleman who was questioning the victory over the war on terrorism going down the road from today.
RUSH: Yes.
CALLER: Your comment was about education for a lot of these Third World countries. Do you think we are forward-leaning enough with all of the political bickering in this country going on these days, to absolutely stand up and put a finish to some of these cells and situations you got like in London last week, with homegrown terrorists, educated Muslim extremist people in their country? Do we have the people in our organization that are going to stand up and basically realize we are at war with these people and unless you totally defeat them, or make some type of arrangement with them — I don’t want to say peace — but make something, this is going to go on for generations. I do agree with you on the education issue.
RUSH: The arrangement we’ve got to make with them is kill them.
CALLER: Absolutely.
RUSH: I dealt with it last week. You don’t make arrangements; you don’t appease these people. The answer to your question is — hah, hah — I’m scared that we don’t right now. Because we have a political party that is still in shock over the fact that it’s lost power 11 years ago and have been unable to get it back, and I think that they are so blinded by partisanship, anger and hatred, all those things, that they’re willing to engage in policies that are designed to make the American people think no such threat really exists — other than when they can accuse Bush of not preparing us for it. But in terms of joining the effort to do something about it, I don’t have confidence that the Democratic Party is competent to lead this country in any war or as guarantors of our national security. I certainly know John Kerry is not simply by virtue of his own words. Who does he want to be our number one ally? The French. Second ally, the Germans. I haven’t heard anything from these people. All I hear is constant berating of their own countrymen. Interrogators at Abu Ghraib and G’itmo.
I don’t hear praise for the US military unless it’s plastic and phony with fake tears on the floor of the Senate after they’ve already attempted to demoralize them and to impugn their honor and competence. So at this point I can’t say that we are the United States when it comes to the war on terror. I don’t think anybody would say that we are and seriously mean it — and it’s a frightening thing.

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