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RUSH: Got a great e-mail here to share with you, folks. “Dear Rush: Greetings from Camp Ramadi in Iraq again.” This is the guy who sent us a picture, sent a great e-mail in; we sent him some Club G’itmo gear. We sent him a whole bunch of Club G’itmo gear. He says: “Greetings from Camp Ramadi here in Iraq again. We received your generous shipment of Club G’itmo apparel and Jihad Java coffee mugs in fine order here today. Suffice to say these items were used to officially inaugurate the grand opening of Club G’itmo East here in Iraq. I’ve enclosed with my e-mail a picture of our opening ceremony complete with soldiers, both on duty and off, enjoying some of the finer elements of life that many Americans partake in back home: Organized softball — although we play in a real sandlot — one-hole golf course complete with all the punkers you can play courtesy of the incoming mortars that make the most wonderful craters to play out of. What a great joint venture the insurgents have done for us by creating such a marvel with their measly bombs. It’s a win-win situation.

He goes on to describe how serious the war effort is, though, and once again, thanks us for the Club G’itmo gear. This is First Sergeant Paul Joseph of the 983rd Engineer Battalion. Camp Ramadi in Iraq has now been renamed Club G’itmo East. He said PS: “Since we are championing freedom and the freedom of speech, feel free to use my name and the unit as needed. We are neither ashamed nor won’t deny what the truth is ever. Also, it would appear that I cannot attach the picture of us in our Club G’itmo shirts on this e-mail so I’ll go back to your web page and link it through your site wanting pictures. Just look for Club G’itmo East.” So we will find and we’ll post those on the website as soon as we get them. You have audio sound bites 16 and 17 yet, Mr. Broadcast engineer? By the way, before we get onto the audio sound bites, the general manager at Club G’itmo, the real Club G’itmo, has either been promoted to another hotel in the chain or he’s been fired. I’m not sure which. (Story) “The commanding officer of the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was relieved of his duties yesterday, after he was accused of inappropriate management practices, officials said. The officer, Captain Leslie J. McCoy, who had commanded Guantanamo since March 2003, was the subject of an investigation into inappropriate personnel and administrative practices unrelated to the base’s detention camp for suspected terrorists. McCoy was relieved of his duties Saturday by Rear Admiral Annette E. Brown, the region commander, who had ‘lost confidence in his ability to effectively lead.'” So our guests at Club G’itmo are going to get a new general manager.
Things keep hopping — and, by the way, there’s this. “Four dangerous enemy combatants have escaped from the main US base in Afghanistan.” This is at Bagram Air Force Base. “A huge manhunt was launched north of the capital Kabul after the man escaped at about 0500.” Five o’clock in the morning for those of you in Rio Linda. “The US says it’s the first time any prisoner has escaped from Bagram.” No doubt they are headed to Club G’itmo. They’ve heard about Club G’itmo and they’ve escaped Bagram and they’re trying to get into Club G’itmo — and I’m sure they’ll find transport. They’ve heard of the Club G’itmo gear. They want their own Jihad Java coffee mugs and all the other goodies that guests at Club G’itmo receive — absolutely free of charge, by the way, and I don’t know if you knew this about Club G’itmo but the guests at that resort do not even pay for their lodging. You and I do. It’s a great place. We’re paying for their food and all of the amenities that they get at Club G’itmo, and it’s not a surprise to me, ladies and gentlemen, that prisoners at US bases around the world would want to escape and get to Club G’itmo. It appears that’s happened in Afghanistan.

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