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RUSH: You know, this babe that I’m discussing marriage with here in the e-mail during commercial breaks — and I finally said, “You know, why don’t you just want to go out there and have a good time? What is this marriage business? I mean, all you want to do is control men.” “Control men?” she wrote back. “Where did that come from?

I said, “Let me tell you. If you go ahead and marry this guy, here’s what’s going to happen. This guy, all of his life, has been getting up; he’s been taking a shower, combing his hair, doing whatever, getting dressed and then going to work.

The day after you marry this guy, he’s going to do all that.

He’s going to get up. He’s going to get in the shower. He’s going to comb his hair and get dressed, and then he’s going to hear from you, ‘Are you really going to wear that?’ and there it starts.

“So she said, “Well, I can’t control men. I can barely control myself.”

(Laughter) I’ve heard that, too.

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