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RUSH: Say, folks, I have a question I want to ask you. It wasn’t that long ago — it was earlier this week, because this is Thursday. It might have been late last week, I forget, but within the last week we had a story that Democratic Congressman Bob Wexler from Boca Raton, a big Democrat, had proposed a Democrat idea on Social Security reform and that idea was basically to raise taxes. And my question is: “Have any of you seen that story anywhere in the mainstream media?” Have you? You haven’t. I can answer the question for you. You haven’t, because it’s not there. Here you have a Democrat, Bob Wexler, proposing a plan. I mean, the big news is that the Democrats have not been proposing a plan. They’re going to continue to sit by and just obstruct.

No plan. Nothing whatsoever. Wexler says, “No, I don’t think that’s right. We need to get the ball moving. I think we need to raise taxes.” So you had a Democrat get the Democrats off the dime and the media is not reporting, and they are not going to report it. They are not. They are hell-bent on Wexler’s news not being reported. They got marching orders. Well, they don’t need marching orders. They’re on the same page anyway. The media and the Democrats are one and the same, they don’t need marching orders. Now, Barbara Boxer did go up there to the editor’s meeting and told them what to write about the filibuster, and they weren’t upset about that at all, but here’s a basic Democrat proposal for Social Security reform, raising taxes, and it’s being suppressed by the mainstream media — and there’s a reason for it.

They all know it’s a bad idea; it’s not going to help the Democrats and they’re going to hold the Democrats’ position where it is and that’s, “We’ve got no plan. We’ve got no idea.” Meanwhile, nobody’s seen Wexler since his idea was announced by him. I’m not saying any harm has come to him, but nobody’s seen him.

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