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RUSH: Matt Drudge has just posted a statement by Senator Edward M. Kennedy on the anniversary of the Abu Ghraib scandal. The Democrats are actually celebrating the one year anniversary of the Abu Ghraib scandal! Senator Kennedy’s statement says… I mean, it is a huge statement. It was seven pages here. Well, yeah, I guess it is seven. It is. It is seven pages! There go four of them right there in the trash. (tossing pages) It is seven pages. I’m not going to bother you with all of it. But Senator Kennedy begins this way, “The sad anniversary of the Abu Ghraib torture scandal is now upon us.” (Laughing.) Sad, my foot! These guys are happy as hell to be celebrating this today, but I think that we should encourage them. They have misread the public totally on this and they still think this is an election winnable issue for them.

Senator Kennedy says, “It’s an appropriate time to reflect on how well we’ve responded as a nation. The images of cruelty and perversion are still difficult to look at a year later. An Iraqi prisoner in a dark hood and cape, standing on a cardboard box with electrodes attached to his body. Naked men forced to simulate sex acts on each other.” Senator Kennedy is just jealous. This is the kind of stuff that used to go on in Hyannisport and he’s just jealous that as he’s getting older, he’s not part of it. “The corpse of a man who had been beaten to death, lying in ice, next to soldiers smiling and giving a ‘thumbs up’ sign. A pool of blood from the wounds of a naked, defenseless prisoner attacked by a military dog.These images are seared into our collective memory.”

Just as the image of an Oldsmobile, off the Dike Bridge, with the trunk sticking out of the water. “The reports of widespread abuse by U.S. personnel were initially met with disbelief, then incomprehension. They stand in sharp contrast to the values America has always stood for-our belief in the dignity and worth of all people-our unequivocal stance against torture and abuse — our commitment to the rule of law. The images horrified us and severely damaged our reputation in the Middle East and around the world.” You know, you wouldn’t know that by looking at what is happening in the Middle East. Anyway, Senator Kennedy and the Democrats, just want to put you on notice, celebrating the one year anniversary of Abu Ghraib today, noting the sad anniversary. And make no mistake about it, they are celebrating this. I just want to warn you, by the time you get to the afternoon shows on cable, and the nighttime shows on cable, Abu Ghraib will be portrayed as if it happened yesterday.

We will be getting retrospectives. They will show us the pictures again, and they will go through all of the people they think personally ordered it from Alberto Gonzalez to George W. Bush. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to revive the National Guard story within some context with this. But, it’s just so illustrative. In fact, Mary Mapes was the producer of the Abu Ghraib story. It was Mary Mapes who got the Abu Ghraib pictures. Somebody in the Defense Department leaked them to her. It was the same show, 60 Minutes Wednesday that ran the first pictures, and the New York Times caught up with it and bammo! They were out on the blocks with it. And so, you’re going to see media celebration today with the sad one year anniversary of Abu Ghraib.|


RUSH: The one year anniversary of Abu Ghraib celebrated today by Ted Kennedy and the Democrats. Speaking of Ted Kennedy, you all know the anniversary of Chappaquiddick is July 19th 1969, 36 and a half years already. Mary Jo was 29 in 1969, which means that this is the year she could have started collecting Social Security. Mary Jo Kopechne denied her birthright of Social Security, all because of one wrong turn at Chappaquiddick. Here’s Christopher, Pensacola, Florida. Hi, Christopher, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Air Force dittos from Pensacola.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Welcome to have you on the program.

CALLER: Just to keep you with the season, I want to wish you a Happy Abu Ghraib. And I apologize that I didn’t get my Abu Ghraib present in the mail. I was wondering what I could get you for Abu Ghraib this year and how are you going to decorate your Abu Ghraib tree sir?
RUSH: You want to know what to get me for Abu Ghraib? You know what? That is a good question. I don’t really want anything for Abu Ghraib. The Democrats, that is who we need to get presents for. One thing, have you thought about handcuffs? Those have multiple uses for Democrats. A whip. You know, to go along with the handcuffs. Dawn says a good present would be to give a Democrat a digital camera so that he or she can document their own atrocities. All you have to take it to a Madonna concert. You got the whips, and the handcuffs and chains right there on stage and people are paying for this.

CALLER: They may have military intelligence, Rush. Who knows?

RUSH: That is a great question. What kind of gift to give Democrats here on the anniversary of Abu Ghraib. I’m glad you called, Christopher.
We’ll think of more as they, as they come up. You know, you might give them a little pyramid game, something that is in the shape of a pyramid. Wire tap kit. Could borrow that. Ted, actually could borrow one from Raymond Reggie, a wire tap kit. What else? Autographed picture of Mary Mapes. Boy, if you could score, come up with an autograph of Mary Mapes, she’s the mother of the Abu Ghraib scandal. Jumper cables. A pair of jumper cables — superb idea, Mr. Maimone. And these are things we all have lying around the house, folks. Just get rid of it. It is junk. Give them a German shepherd. Oh, yeah, a German shepherd dog, little German shepherd puppy. You can train yourself.


RUSH: We’re putting our heads together down here at EIB Southern Command. We’ve come up with three more gift ideas for a liberal Democrat today. It is Abu Ghraib Day. Senator Kennedy issued a statement, Democrats celebrating the one year anniversary of the Abu Ghraib scandal. I don’t know how I forgot this. Obviously, at the top of the gift list has to be women’s underwear. Remember, women’s underwear was put on the heads of Islamic prisoners to humiliate them. Democrats found this totally objectionable, can’t believe it. Another thing, remember all of the pictures of Abu Ghraib prisoners with bags on their heads, with eye holes cut out. Give them some of those. Those are cheap. Go to the grocery store, get groceries, then give them the empty bags with the eye holes cut out favorite liberal Democrat, that as well as handcuffs. The bag for the head has a series of uses for liberal Democrats as well. Then, of course, there is a leash. A leash can be found at any pet store and it goes along with the German Shepherd that you are going to give away to a democrat here as they celebrate the one year anniversary of Abu Ghraib Day. Kevin in Eugene, Oregon. Hello and welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing Rush?

RUSH: Pretty good, Kevin.

CALLER: Love to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just want you to know that we are going to have our Abu Ghraib barbecue party tonight and we are going to be playing nude Twister.
RUSH: (Laughing.) How many people you got coming?

CALLER: Well, I figure we only need 8 or 10 to make it a rip roaring time. I thought that would be kind of fitting.

RUSH: Yeah. Nude Twister? Big Abu Ghraib barbecue. (Laughter.) Okay. And that’s from Oregon. Progress here.


RUSH: A couple more gift ideas for those of you celebrating Abu Ghraib Day today, celebrating the one year anniversary. Ted Kennedy issued a statement. Seven pages when you print it out. You all have computers now. Go out and make a petition, calling for Rumsfeld’s resignation and put a bunch of signatures on it and pass it out. Give it to a liberal. Gift wrap it. Same thing with Cheney. You know, get some sort of a petition or a card or something demanding the impeachment of George W. Bush. That would go great. The guy from Eugene, Oregon, had a great idea. Go out and get a copy of nude Twister. Get the group. Give them that, along with a pair of women’s panties. The choices here, the options, are limitless when it comes to giving the right gift on the special day that liberal Democrats have decided they need to celebrate, Abu Ghraib Day. Who’s next on this program? David in Austin, Texas. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks Rush. I call to express my opposition to Abu Ghraib Day. It’s getting too commercialized. Everyone is getting away from the intent of the holiday, which is to honor military interrogation.

RUSH: (Laughing.) So, in your view, Abu Ghraib Day would be to honor military interrogation. We are commercializing it with gifts.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Now destroying the full meaning —

CALLER: Right. Another day off work and that’s it.

RUSH: Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to make it a Monday holiday.

CALLER: We’ll see.

RUSH: All right. You people are cracking me up today. David, thanks much.


RUSH: You know, the Democrats today celebrating the one year anniversary of Abu Ghraib. Now you have to be very careful about how far they take this. I mean, it is one thing to start giving them gifts. We forgot, a water board would be a great gift. For some libs, if you could find a naked Iraqi inflatable insurgent doll that would be a thrill. But the problem is, if they really get, you know how the libs are over the holiday, secular holidays they love. Time off work. Maybe make it a Monday holiday, three day weekend and so forth. Then have you to start thinking about things. You are going go out and start buying gift for liberals on Abu Ghraib Day. Depending on how big it gets, you would have to wait. You know, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this, because as they over-commercialize it. So you would have to wait for the after-Abu Ghraib Day sale. And go pick up your after-Abu Ghraib bag full of gifts that are reduced in price. And, of course, just as it happens at a number of holidays, the office misbehavior going on is something Senator Kennedy will have to keep a close eye on it, office misbehavior at annual Abu Ghraib party.

So, I understand that they want to celebrate this but if it gets too big — the ACLU, can you imagine Abu Ghraib Carols? Can you imagine if we start getting songs written to, you know, be sung on the annual celebration of Abu Ghraib Day. And if they put up public displays, you know, in town square, celebrating Abu Ghraib Day, they better be right kind, the ACLU will come along and make them tear it down. If they do it right, the ACLU will erect them. So, you have to think about this, but there’s clearly some momentum from this. I can sense it building, ladies and gentlemen, from inside here at the EIB Southern Command. Baker, West Virginia, George. Hello and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: I’m fine, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I got the perfect gift that, you know, to give and keeps on giving, year round, that would be the calendar with Lyndie England posing with the prisoners.

RUSH: No, that’s a great idea but that would be an insult to a liberal to give a Lyndie England calendar with various photos of the actual torture. What you need to do is Lyndie England pictures, while she was at trial. And while she was walking into the courthouse with her lawyer and if you get a picture of her being found guilty and then sentenced. A Lyndie England calendar is a great idea but you got to get Lyndie England being punished. You have to keep in mind now to whom you are giving the gift. Mary in Madison, New Jersey, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I have a gift idea for Abu Ghraib Day and that is one year subscription to the New York Times, where dozens of Abu Ghraib articles appear and if you order today, get a bonus 8X10 glossy of any photos that also appear.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Just the front page.

CALLER: Rush today. Yes.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Collectors items. Front page, every front page story with photos of the Abu Ghraib scandal. Plus, a one year subscription to the New York Times. The Times may go for this, their circulation is down. Frank in Knoxville, Tennessee, welcome to the program. You’re up next. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I’m sick of hearing about this. What about (sic) Danny Berg. He got his head beheaded. Are we forgetting what really happened over there? And what about these other guys that were hanging from that bridge, charred bodies hanging from the bridge. Come on, Rush. Give me a break.

RUSH: This is the point.

CALLER: I know this is the point —

RUSH: This is the point. Hey, wait we haven’t forgotten about these people on the program. At the time all of this was going on last year, I’m not one reviving the anniversary. I’m not the one trying to focus attention only on Abu Ghraib. I’m reacting to what Ted Kennedy did with his statement, all during this past year, when Democrats were having conniption fits over this, I was the one who suggested we keep playing the videos of this so people can find out what is actually being done to Americans over there.

The fact of the matter is, Frank, I don’t think we have to remember it, but I don’t think that people have forgotten it. I think most people in this country are actually fed up and were for a long time, by the Democrats haranguing about Abu Ghraib. The Democrats were wrong about this. I think it is another miscalculation by the Democrats. I think the Democrats are still trying to make hay out of a story they never owned in the first place. They thought they were going to win the election with this story. That is why they went nuts with it. Where did it get them? They still can’t come up with anything new. It is still the old playbook. Same old thing. So if they want to do it, we’re going to do what we want to do — make fun of them.

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