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RUSH: Look, just a couple more things about this filibuster business, and the compromise that was offered by Joe Biden Sunday morning on television. It coincides with the compromise by David Broder in the Washington Post. Now, be very careful about this, ladies and gentlemen, but if you look at the two compromises — if you look at Biden’s compromise and then read Broder’s — they’re almost the same thing. They are almost the same thing, and we know Biden plagiarized Neil Kinnock, the British Labor Party leader, and it thwarted a Biden presidential attempt back when that happened. It was in the — when was that? — the mid-eighties, late eighties, something like that? Now, the Broder piece is in the Washington Post Sunday, but if you are a web aficionado, as many of us are, the web will put the Washington Post section sometimes up at midnight every night, sometimes earlier.

So it’s possible that Biden or one of his staffers was trolling the Washington Post website Saturday night and saw Broder’s piece before Biden was to appear on television on Sunday. Because if you take out his idea that — and, by the way, speaking of this idea, Biden says, “Let’s take out the two most conservative, extreme nominees,” which he doesn’t identify, by the way, because he hasn’t checked in with the left-wing groups yet, and they haven’t told him who the two “most extreme” are. This is how this works, the Democrats listen to Ralph Neas, People for the American Way and all these other left-wing groups, tell them who they don’t want and that’s whose lives and reputation they then seek to destroy as part of the confirmation process.

Biden doesn’t identify these two most conservative but things that gets me, all along now, what is with the sincere liberals who have these sincere concerns? Because Biden is just like the broken record of all the Democrats in the Senate, he and all the rest of them, in saying that these nominees are way too extreme and that’s why they’re filibustering and they’re filibustering ten of them — and they’re just way too extreme. We can’t afford these people. Now Biden says there are seven, and of the seven, five of them are okay! He doesn’t identify which five are okay; he doesn’t identify which two aren’t okay, but how can you say they believe anything they say? If these guys are not fit to be on the court because of their genuine beliefs then how all of a sudden in the middle of the stream do you say, “Ah, you know what? Five of these guys are okay. Two of them still extreme; five of these guys are okay.”

Which five and which two? We don’t know because he hasn’t consulted with Ralph Neas yet to find out which five and which two. But they go from none of them being qualified to now five of them are, and this proposal is just awfully close to Broder’s. I’m not accusing anybody of anything here, folks,. I just putting the idea out there because there is a plagiarism past in Joe Biden’s life. In fact, he did a speech Friday in Columbia, South Carolina. He spoke at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner. It was a fund-raiser about the South Carolina Democratic Party, raised $150,000 and he gave a speech written by his son Bo! Here’s how he introduced it.

BIDEN: …my 36-year-old son Bo Biden, who is an attorney, partner in a law firm, a husband, a father, captain, presently in the Army National Guard, a former federal prosecutor who worked in the justice department and spent time in Kosovo as a volunteer — he said why don’t you read Bo’s speech that he gave for you in Sussex County, Delaware, a couple of weeks ago. He meant just read it to remember what my son had said [cell phone ringing] and I read it, and I decided that I should give my son’s speech to you tonight.

RUSH: At least he said it was his son’s speech. In the past he would have given the speech and not credited his son for writing it. So there’s progress being made here. Now, here’s the next little bite we have. There’s only two bites, the second one, and this is again from a speech Joe Biden gave Friday night written by his son Bo Biden.

BIDEN: On a national level, in spite of what Rush Limbaugh might say, and after losing a tight presidential election, we as a party did well — even in some red states. For example, in Montana, one of those red states, we elected a Democratic governor. In Colorado Democrats took control of both houses of the legislature, and even in Crawford, Texas the home of the ranch we elected a Democratic congressman to represent a president of the United States.

RUSH: “No matter Rush Limbaugh says.” No matter what I say! (laughing) So Biden’s son wrote the speech; Biden gave the speech crediting his son Bo, and now trying to claim they did okay in the red states. Let’s hope they did just as well in the next election in the red states. How about that: ’06 let’s have a banner year in the red states for the Democrats as good as they had in ’04; ’08? Let’s have a repeat. Let’s have them do just as well in the red states in ’08 as they did in ’04. Have you seen the map county by county? Forget states, have you seen the red versus blue county by county? It’s incredible how few counties in this country actually vote for Democrats, not to mention the states. So, anyway, no matter where you go in the Democratic Party be it Howard Dean, be it Joe Biden, be it his son Bo Biden, who is it that’s on their mind? Me — and the one and only EIB Network.

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