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“Months ago, we all knew that if George Bush was re-elected, ‘gay marriage’ would be blamed. A scapegoat is required. Offer up the gays.” His statement continues as follows: “The right wing was indeed energized. I would be too if I shared their values. The Bush Administration has catered to their every request and fed them tons of red meat — abstinence-only-until-marriage ‘sex education,’ the ‘Faith Based Initiative,’ the ban on late term abortion, restrictions on oversees contraception programs, the ban on stem cell research, and yes, gay marriage. It’s sickening and fascinating that when one in five voters said moral values was the most important issue for them, pundits immediately equated that with gay marriage alone. Frankly, the right did a better job in turning out their vote in key places. They’ve been building their machine — illegally, unethically, or both — through churches for 30 years. They have seized and occupied moral values for years.”
There was no seizing it. This is where the libs finally go wrong. We didn’t seize anything. We held onto them. The left has abandoned them. The Democrats have abandoned all talk of morality. They don’t want any talk of morality. The left simply fled. The left fled any area of the country where values and morality are considered important. They ran away from it. The idea that a bunch of conservatives have been laying in wait, hiding in the tall grass and waiting to sneak out at night and seize something is ridiculous. It’s the exact opposite. Conservatives have been desperately trying to hold on to traditions and institutions that we all think have made the country great. The left abandoned them. Now all of a sudden the spin is that the left was just as interested but the right was better and more illegal and we seized this stuff. Well, Mr. Foreman has it right. He understands that the Democrats are laying this loss off on gays because of this morality question that showed up on 20% of the exit polls.

You know, when every Sunday John Kerry showed up in a black church somewhere, as did Al Gore before him, as did Clinton before him, as did Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, forever these guys, but they go into these churches at election time. They don’t go into these churches as a matter of course. They go into these churches at election time. They practice religiosity without being religious is what they do. They try to convince people that they’re religious but they don’t practice it. Well, people who are know the difference and they can see pretenders and frauds. So I think Mr. Foreman here is on the money. He’s right. I mean, he’s just been made a target. He and his people have just made been a target by the way the Democrats are trying to shift the blame for the loss of the election on gay marriage.
There’s no question that the judges on the Massachusetts Supreme Court and Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco, caused a backlash, but so did Michael Moore and so did Whoopi Goldberg and so did Richard Clarke and so did George Soros and so did moveon.org and so did 60 Minutes and so did Bill Burkett and so did The New York Times. They all caused a backlash, the whole Democrat establishment, the political campaign establishment. Every element caused a backlash. But the liberals want you to think that this is all because of gay marriage. So if you are a gay activist or you’re a pretty politically active gay, one way or the other, and the Democratic Party is your home, you better — I mean just look. Listen to Mr. Foreman. Don’t listen to me. I know you’re not going to listen to me because I’m a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe in your mind and Mr. Foreman is not. He’s the head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task force and he’s concerned about this. Who is it that’s making gays a target? The liberals are. The Democratic Party is making gays a target by blaming all this on them, rather than on themselves. Oh, some people are blaming Kerry but I mean not too many. That will happen as time unfolds, but they’re going to give Kerry a pass for awhile. Well, of course I’ll be blamed. I mean, but I hope so. That’s the difference. You know, I want to be blamed. I want to continue to be in the cross-hairs, in the gun sights of these people in the political movement.

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