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HAYWARD: We would not have put the report on the air if we did not believe in every aspect of it. Enough questions have been raised that we’re going to redouble our efforts to answer those questions.
RUSH: And he said, “We established to our satisfaction, which is a high standard, that the memos are accurate or we wouldn’t have put them on television.” The memos are forgeries! Everybody knows this now and we now know where they came from, they came from — get this — a Kinko’s! A Kinko’s copy center <a target=new href=”http://www.google.com/local?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&q=Kinko%27s&near=Abilene,+TX&oi=locald&radius=0.0&latlng=32448611,-99732777,12267580642846228824″>in Abilene, Texas</a>. Now, Abilene, let me tell you where all roads lead in this story. All roads lead to the Travis County Democratic Party. That’s where all roads lead. This guy Bill Burkett or Burk-ett is how he pronounces his name. He’s got ties to people, his lawyer, big Democrat in Texas, got his bio. Then this guy, the other guest that this on this show — what was the other guest’s name? Both these guys hate Bush. I can’t remember his name. Ben Barnes. Yeah, Ben Barnes. Ben Barnes, Travis County. It was Rather who went to Travis County to do a fund-raiser at the request of his daughter Robin who’s a big muckety-muck Democrat in Travis County.
So all roads here lead to the Travis County, Texas, Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen. So can you imagine CBS accepting documents faxed from a Kinko’s in Abilene, Texas, as their source? Now, you know what it appears be to me? When you have Hayward’s statement here saying, “Well, the memos are right; they may be wrong, but they’re right,” what we have here is a classic liberal behavioral pattern. Mr. Snerdley and I were talking about it this morning. Remember, it was okay to lie; it was okay to lie to a federal judge; it was okay to commit perjury, as long as it was “about sex.” The liberal view of lies is: “If they are for the common good or the better good, then by all means lie,” and by “common good” I mean in their agenda. So in that era, protecting Bill Clinton was the good, Bill Clinton was the overriding objective, so if you have to lie to do that, lying is good. Well, in this case the agenda is get Bush. So if you’ve got some people out there who are claiming to have seen things and claiming to know things about Bush’s service, and you need a paper trail for it, “Okay, let’s go ahead and make it up, because it’s for the better good, getting rid of Bush. If these people say it, but they can’t prove it, let’s give them some backup.”
So somebody comes up with the idea, “All right, we’ll create some documents.” I don’t know who came up with the idea. I’m not even going to speculate, but CBS sure as hell fell for it when the documents came their way because it fits the mold, “the greater good.” It’s okay to do anything. Every rule is off the table if it’s about the greater good. This is one of the classic ways liberals operate, the way liberals think. It’s a double standard. <a target=new href=”http://www.spectator.org/dsp_article.asp?art_id=7121″>George Neumayr</a> in the American Spectator today put it well. He says, “It’s okay for journalists to lie about and lie to presidents, but never okay for presidents to lie to journalists.” The media is all concerned here about what’s happening to Dan Rather, as though Dan Rather is actually an emperor or a king and has something to say about the future and well-being of the country. They’re far more concerned about the future of Dan Rather than they are, say, George W. Bush — and we all know why.

Now, the numbers at CBS News — and, you know, people are wondering. There are stories today: When’s Viacom going to get in gear? When’s the Viacom board going to get in gear? The simple fact of the matter is the advertising revenue going to plunge. Is that when they’re going to listen? It used to be when these networks were solely owned by guys like Leonard Golden; owned ABC; and Bill Paley owned CBS. You know, the news divisions were the prestige divisions of the networks. Where’s Walter? Where’s Don Hewitt? You know, I want to know where these guys are. Cronkite is not speaking up and Don Hewitt is not speaking up, but it’s his brand that’s been selling here, 60 Minutes is his brand. Hewitt is either out there with a headache or a heart attack or he’s laughing himself silly because of what the networks became when he left. You know, he retired and they’ve gone downhill ever since Hewitt left. I don’t know what Hewitt is doing. I don’t know what Cronkite is doing. We haven’t heard a word from these guys. What are they going to say? I mean, they gonna come forth and defend?
I’d love to hear Cronkite defend this. If Cronkite is not going to put his reputation on the line? He’s “the most trusted man in America,” whether he earns it or not, that’s what he is. He’s not going to come out. I can’t imagine Cronkite would come out on Rather’s side of this and subject his own credibility to this kind of scrutiny, but it’s a mind-boggling thing to observe what happens. Back in the Paley days, when Edward R. Murrow ran CBS, it was the prestige. Well, he did. He ran the news division just like Rather runs it now. Ed Murrow runs CBS News. (program observer interruption) If you don’t believe me, I mean, he had Paley wrapped around his little finger because the news divisions were where the prestige were. The entertainment divisions were where the money was; the news divisions was where the prestige was. So now you have these corporate owners, there’s no prestige. Sumner Redstone gets no big thrill from being head honcho of the news division at CBS. It’s just some small division of some little corporation in the giant Viacom empire. They don’t care.
You know, there’s no prestige that he feels personally or anybody else on that board. They don’t care what’s happening here. That’s what’s different. If you want to start complaining about corporate ownership — and I don’t, but if you do — this may be one of the ways in which you could make your point because it’s had a profound difference on the way these news divisions are operated. Here’s what’s going to make ’em care about this: the <a target=new href=”http://www.drudgereport.com/cbsd3.htm”>news ratings</a>. The TV ratings for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather have plummeted. He is fading and fading fast. He is in third place in every top ten market other than San Francisco. He is losing by margins of six to one. Here are some specifics: In Philadelphia, which is the number 4 market, Rather pulled — this is Tuesday night — Rather pulled a 2.6 rating and a five share. Let’s just focus on the five share here against ABC’s 23 share and NBC’s seven share. In Chicago, Rather had a 2.3 rating and a five share, ABC had a 9.2 rating and a 20 share. CBS trailed ABC by more than two to one in Los Angeles, and in New York, in New York, where the tip of…

I mean, this is the pi?ce de r?sistance of the prestige, New York, Dan Rather finished not only behind NBC and ABC, he pulled less audience than reruns of The Simpsons, Will & Grace, and King of Queens. In fact at 6:30 on Tuesday night in New York, Dan Rather was dead last in that time slot among all broadcast channels tracked by Nielson. A quote from a CBS source from Los Angeles today talking to Matt Drudge, “The audience appears to be becoming polarized. Rightly or wrongly we’re being perceived as anti-Bush, which I don’t think is fair to Dan who is a fine journalist. Of course he we don’t like to see the ratings coming back the way they are this week.” Rightly or wrongly we’re being perceived? You know what this quote illustrates? The audience is a bunch of idiots. The audience doesn’t know what it’s looking at. The audience doesn’t know that Dan Rather is a fine journalist. The audience is being unfair. “Rightly or wrongly we’re being perceived as anti-Bush which I don’t think is fair to Dan.” Forget fair, you people have got to learn to deal with the fact that perception is reality in your business.
You can sit there and try to tell people they’re wrong all day long but their perception is X, and the perception of X is that you’ve got an agenda that’s destined to get rid of George W. Bush and you are solely focused on it. The real question is, “How many people inside CBS feel personally tainted by this, and just what is their limit as to how tolerant they’re going to be of this?” You know, Rather runs this thing; he’s an emperor, and if you want to work there, you gotta salute the emperor each and every day. An amazing thing, an amazing thing. So what we have here, apparently we’ve got a couple of guys, this Bill Burkett and what’s the other guy’s name? I keep wanting to say Bill. Ben Barnes. Why do I want to say Bill Baird? Ben Barnes. Both of them are on the record as hating George W. Bush for a bunch of different reasons. They both come from the Travis County Democrat organization and they’re probably out there talking to Rather and CBS about how — or this Mary Mapes person, producer — about all these things they saw and all these things they heard, and she’s saying, “Well, you know, that’s great, but we just can’t go on what you remember.” And so, lo and behold, out of the blue here comes some forged documents from Kinko’s in Abilene, Texas, and CBS is so eager for the story to be true, they say, “Ah, we’ll go ahead and run with these. These look pretty good to us and nobody is going to doubt us anyway. We’re CBS.”
I mean, how else could this have happened? How else could this have happened? I mean, it’s almost like an order went out for these documents. Somebody decided to put some together. The question now is who? I mean, everybody is talking about Burkett as the source. Both the Washington Post and New York Times today trying to ID him as the likely source for the fax the documents, but that still doesn’t tell us who put them together. So this thing continues. The more CBS tries to answer it, the more questions they raise and the more they try to deal with this, the more about them they make this story and not Bush, National Guard, and even some Democrats are now starting to get it. What is this National Guard business? There’s so much arrange in the stacks of stuff today at Kerry and the way he’s running the campaign. It’s just breathtaking to behold.

Now I know why I keep coming up with this name Baird. Baird, Texas, is 21 miles from Abilene, and Baird, Texas, is the home of Bill Burkett. Who’s Burkett? You know, people ask, “Well, who is he?” He’s a likely source here according to a lot of other news organizations. He hates George W. Bush. He has an axe to grind. He’s had a huge dispute brewing with the Texas National Guard over medical benefits. He was sent to Panama in 1998 and claims to have come back with a disease that has totally debilitated him and uprooted and upended his life and the lives of his wife and children, and he is in constant pain and he’s not getting proper coverage and benefits are not coming forth for him. He’s been hospitalized for depression since leaving the National Guard in Texas, he suffered a nervous breakdown. If this guy is the source and these things have happened to him, they’re horrible. It’s unfortunate they should happen to anybody, but if this is the guy that is the big source? When you stop and think, if he’s the source, he’s the single source, maybe another guy, Ben Barnes, but you’ve got members of…
Oh, and this 86-year-old woman, Knox, who also has admitted to thinking that Bush is unfit for office. I mean, you talk about the partisanship in these so-called credible sources? Then you go to Killian’s own family members they say, “It’s not possible,” and Killian’s family members are not contacted by CBS. Well, they are but they’re not used. What they say is not used. Anything contradictory to the CBS story is thrown out, and Rather still insists that, “Hey, look, yeah, okay the memos? Yeah, there may be something wrong with them,” and get this. He said, “If there’s something wrong with these memos, and if they’re fakes, I want to break that story.” Did you hear that? Dan! The story is a week old! You can’t “break” the story. Somebody else already broke it. Unbelievable! These people are not firmly rooted in reality, and they haven’t been for quite a while. So that’s a little bit on Bill Burkett. His lawyer, you ought to see this guy’s r?sum? and his bio.
He’s attended every Democrat convention since 1974. He was one of the biggest muckety-muck Democrats in the state according to his bio. I mean, you find partisanship throughout these sources and throughout friends of these sources. I mean, I’m telling you, all roads lead back to Travis County, Texas, and the Democrat Party organization, and there’s a road that even takes Dan Rather there. Dan Rather as the news anchor at CBS <a target=new href=”http://www.townhall.com/columnists/brentbozell/bb20010406.shtml”>did a fund-raiser</a> for the Travis County Democrat Party. Now, he claims that he didn’t know it was a fund-raiser till he got there, but he still went ahead and did it, at the request of his daughter, Robin, who is also is a huge Democrat activist in Travis County Texas. All roads lead to Rome; all roads lead to the Travis County Democrat Party. But of course once you get to the Democratic Party organization, then all roads lead to the DNC after that, ladies and gentlemen.

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<a target=new href=”http://www.cnsnews.com/WebNews.asp”>(CNS: Widow Casts Doubt on Documents Aired by CBS News)</a>

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