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RUSH: Tom Harkin’s back. These wackos are back trying to get my program taken off of Armed Forces Radio. Yes! Where is it? It’s here in the Stack. I don’t even need the story. Yeah, here it is. But I found it anyway. This is in The Hill, Capitol Hill newspaper, by Hans Nichols.

“The escalating battle for the votes of U.S. Armed Forces personnel is stoking congressional Democrats’ efforts to end what they see as a right-wing…” I feel like Bush and the National Guard. This is like the fourth time for this story now. And so the Armed Forces Radio people said, “You know, this is crazy. Limbaugh accounts for 1% of the programming we offer on Armed Forces Radio, 1%.” They’re not going to take it off.

Now, these are the people, these people demanding that my program be taken off armed forces, these are the people that tried to disqualify military absentee votes in Florida. So you have the same people, the Tom Harkins of the world and the liberal Democrats claiming to care that the military around the world hear both sides of the issues on Armed Forces Radio when they do, NPR is all over Armed Forces Radio! Now they come to this after trying to disqualify military absentee votes in the Florida recount in 2000? You people are shameless. But, you know, everybody sees what you’re doing, and the things that you’re doing are denial of choice, limiting freedom. You’re not expanding the things that distinguish us as a great nation at all. You’re trying to close down institutions, because they threaten you.

It’s almost as though the Democrats today have decided, the liberal Democrats today, that their biggest problem is the freedom of the American people and they’ve got to start reining that in because when people have too much freedom that freedom includes the opportunity to vote for people that aren’t Democrats. We can’t have that. There can be too much democracy, that’s what they said when this program was out there. Oh, yeah this program is now, what — what did that Little Pinch say? Little Pinch said this is “cheap entertainment and trial by insult format.” Well, I guess that’s the latest because you know within the first four years of this program there were stories in the mainstream press, “Is there too much democracy?” Meaning is there too much political speech out there and McCain must have agreed because now we’ve got campaign finance reform.

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