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Let’s talk about mud as a fact of life and a fact of nature. Yesterday the mudslinging started anew in Texas. It slid all the way to the studios of 60 Minutes with Dan Rather. Monday, the mud will be slung on NBC’s Today Show. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, in fact, the mud will be slung, a record three-day mud sling. Stay tuned for the bulletins. That’s the Kitty Kelley book. So we had mud last night with Dan Rather. We’ve got three days of mud coming up with Kitty Kelley. It’s a mudslide out there, folks. There’s no question. There’s a liberal mudslide that has been launched at all of us innocent God-fearing Americans and what are we to do about it? Well, just like the weather, instead of complaining about it, let’s learn from it. Now, what I’ve noticed is about the latest rash of mud and this mudslide is this. The left usually saves it’s mudslinging for the week before an election, the week before. The notorious DUI allegation against George W. Bush for example in 2000. The Caspar Weinberger indictment that was brought by the independent counsel Lawrence Walsh just three days before the election in 1988. That was intended to hurt Bush 41.
Or at worst, the last month you can sling mud like the notorious NAALCP ad that suggested George Bush killed a black man with chains in numerous ads, and then in radio ads part of the mudslinging back in 2000 that ran in Missouri, claiming that Bush would set fire to black churches if he were elected president. That ad running throughout St. Louis radio. The NAALCP for those of you who are virgins to the program, National Association for the advancement of Liberal Colored People. So whereas we usually get the mudslides and the mudslinging in the last week, the remaining days, or perhaps the last month of a campaign, in this election the last week mudslinging started months ago and is in full bore now eight weeks prior to the election. That’s the first thing I noticed. Now, I’ll analyze why in just a second. So let’s read the mud. Inherent in reading the mud is to understand why it’s coming out so early now, and why there’s so much of it. The answer is fear, desperation and powerlessness, urgent fear, panicked desperation, and panicked powerlessness on the part of the left.
I never realized it before, but some mud is cleaner than other mud, maybe even invisible mud. The media, for example, never saw the $60 million of Democrat mud, the mega Millions of MoveOn.org mud, George Soros mud, “Americans Coming Together” mud. They never heard the ranting mud of Al Gore who accused Bush of lying and deceiving and murder and a number of other things. That mud was invisible to the mainstream press. That was a giant mudslide, but they never saw it, never worried about it, never warned us about it, never wrung their hands over it. No, because they happen to agree with it all. But I think in recent days, my friends, I have discovered what is called smart mud. Dick Cheney’s statement that so riled the media and so riled Madam Albright? Did he say it as reported? Did he mean it as interpreted? Or was it smart mud to outwit the left’s dumb mud? You know, mudslinging isn’t nice and it isn’t pretty, ladies and gentlemen. If you don’t know what Cheney said, Cheney basically said if you elect Kerry we’re going to have another terrorist attack and, oh! Everybody had a cow. Why, they reacted in outrage and horror!

“How can he say that? That’s a new neww low! It’s the lowest of the low we’ve ever heard!” Madeleine Albright was out there having a cow, when in fact Madeleine Albright is Exhibit #1 to prove what Cheney said is right. Madeleine Albright of allowing the North Koreans with Bill Clinton to get nuclear-grade weapons material out of a deal they tricked us with where they said they just promised to build nuclear reactors. Madeleine Albright, who sat by and watched the Rwanda disaster and genocide take place. Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright who did literally nothing to thwart terrorist attack after terrorist attack during their eight years in power. Madeleine Albright, who lamented that we are the world’s superpower, thought that it was not fair for the rest of the world. Madeleine Albright, who thinks that our superpower status is unnecessarily provocative. So Cheney comes along and says if these people get back into power, we’re going to have another attack. He hit the nail on the head, which is why they squealed like stuck pigs in mud. Madeleine Albright, Exhibit #1.
It’s clear these people can’t be trusted with national security. If you doubt me try to find any security in anything John Kerry has said about this. He doesn’t inspire security or confidence. He doesn’t inspire safety because nobody knows what he’s saying, it changes every day. John Kerry has yet to explain why he even wants to be president, other than, as I said yesterday, probably just wants a house of his own, tired of sponging off Teresa. Other than that nobody can figure it out. We can learn a lot, my friends, watching how the recipients of the mudslinging react. If one candidate presses forward with his message, his mission, his focus while in the midst of receiving a bunch of mud, and the other candidate delays his reaction, mismanages his reaction, throws dumb mud instead of smart mud, rushes his mudslinging ahead of schedule, we learn about leadership. And I don’t know how much mud the left has left, and certainly the mud they’re throwing is old and they’ve been throwing mud for six months. Normally this Kitty Kelley stuff and the rest of this stuff they’d wait for the week before the election. But they’re in such panicked desperation and fear and powerlessness. They are impatient, and they have forgotten the rules, and they’re slinging all of their mud now.

In related items, President Bush has moved smartly ahead of Senator Kerry in Missouri, ahead of him in Ohio, double digits in Missouri, up six in Arizona, fourteen in Missouri, up eight in Ohio, even up one in Pennsylvania. It seems to me that the mudslinging that is coming from the left is only empowering President Bush, and I think it’s actually having a backfire effect on the electorate. I got into a conversation with a friend last night, I actually believe that — donations to Bush from Wisconsin up double what they were in 2000. We always hear about the silent majority, the great unwashed, whatever you want to call ’em. My belief is this is a country filled with decent people. We wouldn’t be the great nation we are were it not the case. We’re not a nation of people portrayed by the wacko entertainment industry, the pop culture. That’s not who the American people are.

The American people are people you’ve never heard of. The American people are doing their best, playing by the rules who don’t generate news, whose lives are not exciting but they’re going out, meeting their obligations as human beings, as family members every day, they’re the ones that are the backbone of the country. They’re the ones who make this country work and you never hear about them. You never see them. They never make news. They’re not highlighted by anybody, but because of their decency they sit around and they watch all this stuff and I think they’re outraged by it. I think they’re silently quietly outraged by all of this gunk, all of this mud that has been thrown at a decent man for the past six months. Bush hasn’t responded to any of it. Bush has been open. He just keeps plugging away. He stays focused on what he’s told everybody he’s going to do. He doesn’t waver from it. This engenders respect from these people.
This election is not nearly as close as the American people have been led to believe. There is not nearly as much hatred for George W. Bush as the media has led people to believe. There is not nearly as much anxiety over getting rid of Bush as the American people have been led to believe by the Democrats and their campaigns and their candidacies and their willing accomplices in the press. This is not a 50-50 country. It is not evenly divided. There aren’t as many liberals as conservatives. There is not hatred and love in equal amounts on one side. There’s just a big glob of American decency which knows outrage when it sees it, which knows indecency when they see it, which knows lies. They know falsehoods. They know panic. They know hatred. They don’t want to be inspired by it and they aren’t. There have been so many instances in the past six months that the Democrats have allowed themselves to start feeling positive about such as the Michael Moore movie, or the Richard Clarke book, or the Bob Woodward book, the 9/11 hearings, the Bush AWOL charge for the fifth time now, and it is these instruments of utter rage and anger and negativity that has inspired people in this country?
Don’t think so, ladies and gentlemen. I think it’s having just the opposite effect. Quick time-out. We’ll be back. Remember, we’ve got a four-year record of George Bush in office. They can talk about the National Guard. They can talk about 40 years ago all they want, but the people of this country know who George Bush is. We don’t know who John Kerry is. He only wants to go back and talk about his four months in Vietnam. He doesn’t want us to talk about his Senate voting record. He doesn’t want us to talk about who he is now. He doesn’t want to tell us who he is now. He doesn’t want to tell us what he’s going to do in the future. He doesn’t want us to know who he is because he doesn’t know who he is because it changes day to day based on what he thinks it has to be.

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