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Well, now, wait a minute, I’m surprised that any terrorists, militants, whoever, decided to take any French journalists hostage in the first place. Why, I thought the French had a relationship with these people. I mean, I thought the French had gone ahead and appeased these people. I thought the French, because they stayed out of this, and they clearly opposed us, I thought the French had bought themselves some insurance here. But apparently not! Apparently not, ladies and gentlemen.
Apparently you can’t appease these terrorists, even if they’re your good friends the French! No, I’m not happy about this. I’m happy to make the point. I’m not happy anybody is held hostage. Well, that’s the final option. I mean, they may yet surrender, but surrender what? I mean, what are the French going to surrender? (talking to program observer) Well, I tell you that is what that is, the head scarf rule, that’s what this is all about. The French are trying to get tough. The Muslims want to wear the head scarves and the French say you can’t do that, this is France.
And so a couple of French journalists have been held hostage. They’ll probably cave on it if it comes to that. I don’t see them going to the UN, either. I don’t see the French going off to the UN. I see them going off to these renegade terrorist groups that somehow become their allies, their buds, the people that they call in markers with? Jeez O man! Senator Kerry, are you following this story, you and your falling apart campaign?

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