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KERRY: Just what is our strategy? Not just for striking back against the terrorists, but for defeating their aims, destroying their movement, discrediting their cause and bringing old and new friends to our side.

RUSH: Stop the tape. Well, you tell me how you’re going to do any of this by getting us out of Iraq. That’s where the battle is taking place you dunderhead, and you’ve just pledged to get us out of the battle. (Breathing heavily.) I may need a paper bag here because I am hyperventilating. Let’s listen to the rest of it.

KERRY: What is our long-term strategy for making America safer?

RUSH: We’re doing it!

KERRY: Over the course of this campaign I have laid out my plans to reshape and rebuild the American military —

RUSH: Stop the tape. Yeah, this from the guy who spent all of 19 years cutting the military, vote by vote by vote by vote, by not authorizing funds for the current military operation in Iraq before he voted against it or for it, whatever he did. And you gotta go to his website to find the stupid plan. I just saw a commercial here. He’s running a commercial about how he’s going to get everybody health insurance and this and that. John Kerry has a plan for this, John Kerry has a plan for that. To see the plan go to JohnKerry.com.

Now, he has to know that 99% of the people that see the commercial are not going to go to JohnKerry.com, which means he doesn’t want them to see the plan, probably there isn’t a plan. There’s some words but there’s no plan. This is unbelievable, but we’re not through with the bite and the pi?ce de r?sistance bite still to come. Probably do that in the monolog segment of the next hour.

KERRY: — ready to fight tomorrow’s wars, not yesterday’s. As a combat veteran who’s walked in your shoes, I know that the first duty of a commander-in-chief is to make sure that our troops are the best trained, best equipped fighting force in the world, and to never send them into battle without a plan to win the peace. That is essential.

RUSH: That is BS, too. It doesn’t represent an understanding of the purpose of armies. The purpose of armies is not to go in and win peace. The purpose of armies is to kill people and break things so that you win. Victory is victory. You win when the other guys are defeated or they surrender or they give in, and they change to what you say they have to do. That’s victory. Wars are not fought for peace. Only in John Kerry’s world are wars fought for peace. Wars are not fought for peace. Nobody ever fought a war for peace. Wars are fought for all sorts of different reasons, but peace happens to be, if you win, happens to be one of the by-products of it. But you’ve got to be careful because peace to some people is not peace to others. You know, Kim Jong ll has his desire of peace, too. Do you know what his definition of peace is? Enough nukes to wipe out anybody that might want to feed his people. You know what peace was to the Soviet Union? Peace was the absence of threat and a tyranny over its own population so they couldn’t uprise against them. What’s peace to us? Peace is the absence of threat, the presence of justice. There’s a whole bunch of different definitions of peace. Wars are not fought for peace. They’re fought for victory. (Breathing heavily.)

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