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KERRY: Like veterans of all wars past, today’s fighting men and women deserve our prayers and support, and then when they come home, they deserve the —
RUSH: Augh!
KERRY — respect and welcome of a grateful nation.

RUSH: Stop the tape! Is that what you were thinking when you co-founded Vietnam Veterans Against the War in 1971? Is that what you were thinking when you started accusing your comrades of committing war atrocities in Vietnam, atrocities you didn’t do anything to stop them when they were taking place, if they did. And now all of a sudden you say, “When they come home they deserve the respect and welcome of a grateful nation.” (program observer interruption)

I know. He said they’re being held hostage for oil. But you know something? I was thinking. More people have seen a Michael Moore movie than have read the combined total of books sold by Bill and Hillary Clinton. I ask you, “Who’s the titular head of this party?” You got the Democratic presidential candidate quoting this — this — this insane movie and basing parts of his campaign on it. Here’s the rest of this little bite.

KERRY: After all, the first definition of patriotism in my judgment, beyond service to country, is keeping faith with those who have worn the uniform of the United States of America.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. I’m now confused because I thought patriotism was being critical to the president. That’s what Hillary said. I thought patriotism was ripping George Bush. I thought patriotism was a sign that said “Bush = Hitler.” I thought patriotism was a sign that said, ”’Bring Back Saddam.” I thought patriotism was throwing your medals — sorry — somebody else’s medals — over a fence in Washington. When did he get this new definition of patriotism? Here’s cut eight. And, by the way, this is a stunner in this one, ladies and gentlemen. You have to consider the audience. We have to take this into account. But Senator Kerry here, I don’t know if this is a voluntary admission or the campaign made him do it, I’m not really sure. But here he admits for the first time that he volunteered and served in Vietnam.

KERRY: For 35 years I have stood up and fought and kept faith with my fellow veterans. As president, I will stand with you to complete that mission. The sacrifices that you’ve made on the battlefield are well known. But what is not as well known is the long battle of these 35 years.

RUSH: Hold it a second. What in the world? He’s re-fighting the Vietnam War in this comment. The long battle the last 35 years started by you, senator! Let’s re-listen to the rest of this.

KERRY: I remember when we came back from service and what we all know was a controversial period of time. I wish it hadn’t been. I volunteered for my country.


KERRY: I volunteered to go to Vietnam.


KERRY: I volunteered for the duty that we had.

RUSH: Really!

KERRY: I didn’t make it controversial. The war and the times were.

RUSH: Oooooooh! Stop the tape! He didn’t make it controversial. He didn’t go before the Senate in 1971 and accuse all of his comrades of all these war atrocities. The war was controversial. He didn’t make it so. He’s copping out. He’s re-fighting the Vietnam War. Now, this is also coming from a position of weakness here. He still feels defensive. He has to explain himself to these guys. He knows who the audience is. He knows what his reputation is, what his history is.. So what does he do? Just goes and says it’s what he thought it was. It was the war that was controversial, “Wasn’t me. I volunteered. I volunteered for duty. I volunteered,” as though none of these guys know this. Here’s the rest of the bite.

KERRY: As many of us know it was a time when the war and the warriors became confused. I say to you with my experience: Never again in America should warriors ever be confused with the war, and our nation should always be prepared to stand and say, “Thank you.”

RUSH: Well, it’s 35 years late but I guess we’ll take it. “Never confuse the warriors with the war.” Uh. (program observer interruption) I know. Most of us didn’t. Most of us never confused the warriors with the war. What is this? Nobody thought that the American soldier was the bad guy in this war. Well, I take it back, Senator Kerry did. Senator Kerry thought the American soldier was the bad guy. Senator Kerry and his Vietnam Veterans Against the War.
Now, to be fair they also thought that it was the Nixon administration that was the bad guy. They conveniently forget about Robert McNamara, forgot about LBJ and all of these other — this is just — well, I need the psychiatrist back on the phone from Tampa to take this any further, folks, because I’m at a loss here. I’ve taken this as far as I can go and keep my own sanity, which I am not going to risk.

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