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You also have in addition to that documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11. You have as a major contention from many of the Democrat websites and 527 organizations and basically the people doing their best to get John Kerry elected, suggesting that we are in bed with the Saudis, that the Saudis were involved in this, but because we care about oil and we care about oil more than the lives of the American people, we’re going to do whatever we can to make sure the Saudis do not get blamed. Well, here comes a bipartisan commission, an equipartisan commission, that many people believe President Bush didn’t even want to exist in the first place, and they now come out and they say, “Bammo! No Saudi involvement whatsoever.” Now, this ought to — without being political here — this ought to just, on the basis of facts, undercut an entire argument from the left-wing kook fringe about the involvement of President Bush and 9/11.
The #1 CD in America today has a line, it’s from some rapper. What’s his name? I called him Jackass the other day. What’s it Jadakiss? Jadakiss? Where do these people come up with, where do these people get their names? It’s beyond me. Like there’s some rapper out there called Old Dirty Bastard. He shows up, you know, in a gossip column. “Old Dirty Bastard.” Just write the name! ODB is his acronym. Just another average day in America. Old Dirty Bastard. Big rap star. So anyway, this Jadakiss guy has got this CD out there one line in it, Bush destroyed the Twin Towers. So you’ve got a lot of people believing in this country because of this kook fringe that Bush is involved and we had the poet laureate of New Jersey basically saying that it was the Israelis who did it and all the Jews in the Twin Towers got out of there because they knew. I mean, there’s a genuine kook fringe out there, and here we have this independent, bipartisan, equipartisan commission, which has just debunked this theory.

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