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Now, let’s look at this objectively. We have to consider that he forgot to take his briefcase with him into the archives room. It was totally understandable a big executive, Clinton person, would do that. So he stuffed the papers down his pants when he wanted to take them out. Nothing particularly unusual about that, and one thing we know (talking to program observer). Well, stuff some in a portfolio too, but the portfolio got full. So when your portfolio is full and you’re out of briefcase, then it’s nothing unusual to stuff them down your pants. But they should have sent Hillary instead because she could have stuffed eight times the papers down her pants. Sorry, Brian, I couldn’t resist.
One thing we can be sure of, ladies and gentlemen, is these missing documents will not show up in the Map Room of the White House like the Rose Law Firm billing records, unless there is a former Clinton administration official who can worm his way back into the White House and plant them there — and Sandy Burglar, stay away from Fort Marcy Park.

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