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RUSH: (Reading AP story) “Rod Paige, the nation’s first black education secretary, condemned NAA[L]CP leaders Thursday for saying some black groups are fronts for white conservatives.” This is the latest charge from the NAALCP. Now, they’re talking about our buddies at Project 21, the Starr Parkers of the world and the Thomas Sowells and some of these others, the Clarence Thomases. They may not be members of organizations, but they’re just “Uncle Toms,” and it’s just a new name for a phrase out of the old playbook. But this time it is a black — and a number of blacks who are not part of the NAALCP culture any longer coming up to criticize this.

By the way, NAALCP, National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People – because I’m telling you, folks, you want to know why Bush doesn’t go to this and why Kerry did. We’ll play you some sound bites from this thing. I was only kidding about not doing that. I will as a public service, because I know none of you, if you had the choice, would watch it on your own — and so this will be informative for you. The fact is this is a group that has long ceased being really about race. I mean, they’re a black group, but their interests… It is not a racial group, and you know, what? They violate the law every day. They are a tax-exempt (organization), and their tax-exempt status depends on them being neutral. They cannot take positions on issues or on candidates, and they do just that and they have been doing just that for decades and nobody has the guts to call ’em on it for fear they’ll be accused of racism, discrimination, or what have you.

It’s a classic example of how a minority is able to get away with things others can’t simply because they’re a minority, because it would be unfair to hold them to the rules or to the law. But they are breaking the law if they pass the plate in church. We hear all about “separation of church and state,” but you watch. Kerry will be in the church, and black church will be passing the plate and it will be donations. Jesse Jackson did it for Clinton; Clinton did it for himself,. I mean, this is standard operating procedure. They don’t deserve their tax-exempt status. But the reason they are so full-blown — and I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating given the tune-in factor that occurs with this program each day with new people that are arriving – is that the Democratic Party is an amalgamation of different coalitions. They’re are not really, the Democratic Party, is not a party made up of like-minded people who are all unified on pretty much everything that defines what a Democrat or a liberal is; they are individual groups largely single-interest groups, but what unites them is really not policy.

I mean, there are elements of policy that are a huge factor: big government, high taxes, an involved government, this sort of thing, but what really unites these people, when you get right down to it, is POWER. Kweisi Mfume and Julian Bond or whoever the reigning presidents and leaders of the NAALCP are from year to year, work under the basis of the deal, and the deal — and this is the same way with all the civil rights coalition, Ralph Neas, People for the American Way, the leaders of the NAGs, the National Association for Gals, the militant left-wing gay movements that are out there, the animal rights wackos, the environmental wackos. Here’s how this all is put together. The Democratic Party has this giant table of power, and at this table are the leaders of these constituency groups. They, as members of the power table, get perks. There’s a lot of perks to be passed around, if you are within the power structure of a political party. So the way these people keep their seats at this table is to make sure that the majority of their constituency group votes for Democrats in national congressional and Senate races.

I left out big labor. AFL-CIO and the NEA, but you wonder why — and for example like the AFL-CIO is becoming a much more conservative membership union, but their leaders haven’t changed at all because it’s the leaders who sit at the power seat at the Democratic Party table of power. As long as they deliver the money, or deliver the votes, this is what happens. And so the NAACP in this case is really more about making sure that its leaders, its elites, stay that way within the Democratic Party. It’s not about what’s in the best interests of blacks in this country, because the case cannot be made today the NAALCP is oriented in that direction. Nor can it be said that very many of these other groups are actually oriented in what’s best for their people. They don’t actually -they’re not straight with their people. They don’t square with them about what’s best for them.

They exist in pessimism. They live in fear. They tell these people the world’s going to end tomorrow if such-and-such elected and so forth, and they’ve been making these claims for 50 years. It’s one of the things that amazes me about the minority population of this country. For all of these years we have been hearing that calamity is right around the corner, and the only way to stave it off is to vote Democrat, and they’ve been voting Democrat for all these years, and yet nothing’s changed. They’ve been still been complaining about the same thing for all these fifties years. At some point you wonder when are these people going to say, “You know, we’ve been depending on you guys we trusted you we voted for you, said this was going to change but, you know, whatever our grievances are they’re still there and we’re still complaining about them, and maybe it’s time to look in another direction.”

But that’s where the Kweisi Mfumes and others, they don’t allow people to stray. Because if they stray, you get creamed, like Clarence Thomas gets creamed, like these other black groups are getting creamed by the NAALCP today saying that these new black groups are strictly “fronts for white conservatives,” that they are ventriloquist dummies. That’s one of the reasons they hated Clarence Thomas. Clarence Thomas is arguably the most powerful black man in America and he’s conservative, and he’s not part of the NAACP, and therefore he represents — above and beyond whatever he may do on the bench, Clarence Thomas represents a threat to the existing order.

Because Clarence Thomas shows average, ordinary Americans of color, “You can get to the highest court in the land if that’s what you want, without going through the prescriptions of NAALCP and the civil rights movement,” and that’s why he has to be destroyed, and that’s why anybody else who gets there outside the prescriptions of the civil rights movement needs to be destroyed

The Democratic Party is very much interested in that because they’re not interested in too many people becoming self-reliant. So this party of power table is actually a table of elites who claim to be representing the average people and have their best interests at heart but in fact their job is to keep them average. Their job is to keep them just below upper middle class, so they’ve always got somebody to blame for doing that, and that would be their political opponents. While at the same time, telling these people they’re working harder than they ever have to get these people higher on the economic ladder than they’re able to now, but there are just too many obstacles put in the way by Bush and Cheney and Limbaugh and whoever else they want to name. But it really is hideous, and to hear Kerry pander to these people today was an illustration of just what the purpose of the NAALCP is today. It’s not a racial group. It is a group to keep the Democratic Party in power just like all the others are, all these other constituency groups. If you can make a dent in those groups, and I think we are, big labor has reduced itself in number.

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