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Because he asked for this assignment in Niger to purposely torpedo the acquisition of accurate intelligence on Iraq so as to undermine the Bush administration po-litically, and he did use his wife and her contacts at the CIA to get that assignment. When he went to Niger, he spent time “drinking sweet mint tea,” supposedly reading documents. He pushed the issue of the “outing” of his wife. This whole business with the Novak leak.
He pushed that issue to divert attention from her role in getting him appointed to the Niger job. He pushed her to push the CIA for his appointment, the purpose of this was to pour water on the Niger-Iraq connection. He even told lies to the Washington Post about knowing the names and dates on certain documents were fake, since he hadn’t seen them until eight months later. I mean, I think this is big. The media was duped. The State of the Union address was altered because of this, and it’s been under-reported until now. He was the darling of the Washington establishment. He is an important advisor to the Kerry campaign. He was all over the media for weeks, and he was a fraud.
This is no different than Janet Cook or Jayson Blair, folks. He did write op-eds. He wrote an op-ed in the New York Times that wasn’t true. He told the Washington Post things that weren’t true. He wrote a book that had all kinds of falsehoods in it, and he posed on the cover of Vanity Fair in his Jaguar with his wife. He was so afraid her identity had been outed, but there they are in his Jaguar all decked out like James Bond and a Bond girl on the cover of Vanity Fair, and now we know why she was outed, folks.
Now we know why she was outed: because somebody knew that she played a role in getting him appointed, and the whole purpose of outing her was to try to get the truth of this story out, a story which has never been pursued or explained and he which denies repeatedly. He lobbied for the job to go to Niger through his wife. He was highly motivated to do this job. This is what needs to be examined. He sought to torpedo Bush and this war effort. He conducted almost no independent investigation. He references documents he never saw.
He then writes a piece in the New York Times op-ed section publicly challenging the president’s speech — and lest we forget, Joe Wilson instigated a criminal investigation that has included interviews of the president and the vice president, and he fingered Karl Rove and a couple of others as possible leakers without any basis whatsoever, when in fact he’s the one that has been saying things which are not true from the get-go. And he’s also contributed to Hillary Clinton; he’s contributed to Ted Kennedy, and he worked for Algore. That’s why he would never have gotten this assignment on his own credentials. He needed an inside job to get this job done, and that was his wife, Valerie Plame.

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