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RUSH: I don’t believe this. This is what — July the 6th? Yeah.

Yesterday, the Associated Press re-fed the story on me and Tom Harkin and Armed Forces Radio that they fed two days last week. I kid you not.

I thought it was a new story. I thought, “Well, there’s an update here. What do I not know?” It’s the same story, July 5th, 2004. I’ve got the same story from a week ago. It’s all about liberals upset that I am not balanced on Armed Forces Radio and Tom Harkin has introduced an amendment, in the Senate appropriations bill, saying there must be balance, that it’s not fair that taxpayers fund this thing and they got some extreme right-winger like me. (AFTRS Schedule) And it’s the story that quotes Sam Johnson, who is a great man, a Vietnam POW, fighter ace over there, who said this amendment is absurd, and we’re going to ask Duncan Hunter, who runs the House Foreign Affairs Committee to take it out once they go to conference. The same story! Same story.

I mean, this is still going just like the Abu Ghraib thing is still going on, which is being set up as a means by which impeachment proceedings against Bush can be launched if he wins the election in November.

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