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RUSH: One other thing to keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, about this whole effort where Armed Forces Radio and my program is concerned. That’s just one manifestation of the effort that is being taken, it’s just one illustration of who is involved. I’ve told you all these George Soros groups, Take Over America, Take Back America, Media Matters for America, this new lib talk radio network, this is all about Hillary Clinton. These groups are not businesses. They are not in the commercial sector to turn a profit. These are not groups into analysis. They are action-oriented political groups seeking to advance the goals and ideas of the Democratic Party. Make no mistake about it. And they’re all in existence to help Hillary. They’re all run or controlled by or influenced by the Clintonoids and their supporters.

The Clintons have long, long, shall we say, had a problem with me. And it’s that truth detector line. When Clinton was flying into St. Louis on Air Force One, he’s telling these guys on the morning show, [doing Clinton impression] “Limbaugh’s got three hours on your station today, and there’s not going to be a truth detector to set it right, and I don’t know what we can do about it.”

The president of the United States with his bully pulpit was concerned that there’s not a truth detector. The fact is, it is I who am and was the truth detector when analyzing them. That’s what they don’t like. They want to blunt my effectiveness by using their allies in Congress and elsewhere to do what they can to silence me. It’s raw politics, folks. It’s the kind that dictators and the Clintons like. It’s raw politics. This is disguised as fairness, or what have you.

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