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?Cosby went on about the poor English many poor blacks use. He has forgotten those heady days of his early ’70s comedy records, not to mention Uptown Saturday Night and Let’s Do it Again, those funkdafied fables he starred in with Sidney Poitier that were seasoned liberally with lewd, blue-ish dialogue and heavily immersed in the vernacular and jive-talk of the day. Somehow, Cosby thinks he is the only person that has learned to code-switch between Black Vernacular and Standard English.?
Anyway, so he’s caused a firestorm out there on both sides. And the usual way to analyze that is he must have said something right, if people on both sides are angry at him. It took guts for him to say it because he knew this kind of flak would be coming his way from all quarters. This is one of these unwritten rules, you just don’t say this stuff, you just don’t say what he said, you just don’t do it. And now there are all kinds of people scratching their heads thinking they’ve lost an ally, when in fact a lot of people should be listening to him.

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