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Well, last night on Larry King Alive, a friend of Nick Berg echoed this sentiment. Bruce Hauser, just an “average American” said the following, “Yes. One thing I’d like to say is America needs to know that I personally don’t believe we’ve seen the last. We realize we’ve gone through 9/11. Everyone was saying God Bless America. I heard that and I kept saying to myself, when is America going to bless God? We have prayer taken out of the school. We’re talking about taking God out of the pledge of allegiance. America should not be shocked as to what has happened, and I don’t think we’ve seen the end. We need to come to grips with what’s going on in this country.”
Now, there’s a friend, not the father. If Nick Berg’s father is blaming Bush, give him a pass, folks. The grief, you can’t possibly imagine, none of us can. Bruce Hauser is a friend, also grieving, but very close to Nick Berg, and he’s right. The secularists in this country are doing their best to triumph. Who are the secularists? If you want to answer the question in ideological terms, where do the secularists reside? Where would you find them, on the left or on the right? No more needs to be said. When Mr. Hauser says this, he’s talking to certain people.

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