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Kerry went on to say that “a few low ranking soldiers shouldn’t be made scapegoats for a broader policy that led to the abuse,” leading to this response from Bush-Cheney ’04 chairman Marc Racicot: “To blame the abuse on Bush and the armed forces is to blame all of America for the disgusting actions of a few. It’s striking to see the ease with which John Kerry thrusts an important moment into the campaign’s daily spin cycle compared to the president’s steady leadership and focus on doing what he believes is right.”Boy, if that isn’t aid and comfort for the enemy, I don’t know what is. We have to get rid of George W. Bush? The president’s responsible for this? The president “set the tone” for this? This from a guy, John F. Kerry, who committed far worse atrocities in Vietnam — and admitted it — than what we’ve seen in these pictures from Iraq so far, and because of that, we’ve got to throw Bush out of office and elect Kerry. Just stop and think of that.


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