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RUSH: No, don’t put words in my mouth because I’m not going to accept your premise and this is one of the problems that I have. You sound like an otherwise reasonable guy. You sound like you’ve got a modicum of intelligence out there, yet you wish, you search, you actively seek out a way to make equivalent our actions with these terrorists in the Nick Berg video. I don’t understand that. What is the compulsion so many Americans have to want to draw these lines of equivalence between us and this human debris?

Let me address your specific example. We’re in a war. We have insurgents like this al-Sadr fellow and his terrorist cohorts and they’ve taken over a town and they’ve taken prisoner of the kids you’re talking about, and they’re hiding behind them. They are cowards. We are not there to murder. We are not there to maim and kill children. We are not there to burn down their homes or their schools and weren’t. We are rebuilding their schools. We are rebuilding their hospitals. Their schools are open, their hospitals are functioning, the electricity is back with more wattage and power and functionality than it ever had under Saddam. The U.S. military does not target civilians, the U.S. military does not target children, the U.S. military does not seek them out for wanton murder and call it war.

So when I see those images, yeah, and I haven’t, but I know they exist. I don’t sit around and beat my chest over it and say, “Ho-ho, look what the mighty United States of America did.” I blame the people who are responsible for it, and that is the cowards who are using those children as shields and using their women as shields and it frustrates me to no end that you don’t also see this. You know who these people are. It is not a mystery. They are not good, there’s nothing good about them. They are perverted, they are demented, they are pure trash human debris. They have declared war on us. They treat their own kids far worse than anything that might happen to them as a result of the United States riding to their rescue. These are the people that strapped bombs on their own kids and send them out to be blown up, and they lie to them, and they say, “Do this and you’ll get to heaven. You’ll meet Allah,” or whatever it is they tell them. They are willing to kill their own kids to save their own lives. They are nothing. They have no value. They are not be respected. They are not to be protected. They are not to be understood. They are to be eliminated.
They do not bring anything decent to their own country, to their own people, to their own families, to their own population. They bring destruction. They bring death. They bring misery. They bring poverty. We, the United States of America, and the people of this country, banded together via our elected officials and our money are attempting to save these people from their own so-called leaders.

In the process, unfortunate things happen, but it is not our aim. It is not our purpose. It is not our desire. We do not put these kids on television and do to them what was done to Nick Berg, and then ask CBS to broadcast it to the Arab world. And the idea that you can call here and try to establish some degree of similarity offends the living hell out of me, Cliff.
Go ahead and vote for John Kerry. Go ahead and vote for your favorite Democrats, and go ahead and open the borders to the people that murdered Nick Berg and let ’em come on in because we’re not going to have the guts to stand up to them because we’re too busy feeling guilty that we’re just like them. And you, Cliff, are going to be among the first to go. Because you’re going to think they’re going to understand you. And they’re going to look at you as an absolute dupe and an idiot, useful or otherwise, and you’re gone. You need to be thanking God there are people who have the vision and the courage to see this for what it is and are willing to put their lives on the line to protect ignorant people and people who are otherwise doing other things and don’t care what’s going on, to protect them so they can go ahead and live their lives as blissfully as they choose.

We do not need to be stringing people up who are trying to bring decency and freedom to other peoples in the world and make examples of them and say they’re no different than al-Sadr, al-Qaeda, Zarqawi, whoever it is was in these pictures that murdered Nick Berg. I’ll never understand the way you think, Cliff. But what I’ve realized is there’s no talking you out of it. I don’t even know if there’s any shaming you. How you can even call here after having known what’s on that video and dare say that there is some similarity to what we, the people of the United States believe and do, to what was done to Nick Berg in that video, makes me as repulsed and angry and fearful as I was when I watched the video.

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