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And what is this we left Afghanistan unfinished? We should never have given Al-Qaeda precious time to recover and regroup and expand their reach? What do you think Al-Qaeda was doing during the eight years of Bill Clinton, senator? It was blowing up the World Trade Center, it was blowing up U.S. embassies, it was blowing up U.S. battleships. It was blowing up all kinds of targets all over the world, senator, and we got run out of Mogadishu by Al-Qaeda, senator. This is the first time we’re doing anything about them, senator, through no help of yours, by the way. Here’s more from Senator Kennedy.

KENNEDY: Look at Fallujah. Let us hope we don’t have to hear Secretary Rumsfeld say, “We have to destroy Fallujah in order to save it.” We need a real change in our foreign policy, not a cosmetic change. Only a new administration that has the trust and the confidence of the rest of the world will be able to bring in the international community, to provide international troops, provide international police, provide international financial resources, achieve a workable political solution. Mr. President, our mission in Iraq is far from accomplished.

RUSH: There he has it, Senator Kennedy apologizing on the Senate floor for the Bush campaign, the Bush administration, and campaigning on the Senate floor for the Kerry campaign. Only a new administration has the trust and the confidence of the rest of the world to be able to bring in the international community, international troops? Tell me, what is anybody going to do to get the French to send international troops in or the Germans? John Kerry can’t do it, and he’s not going to demand that they do. That’s the difference. They’re not going to go in just because Kerry is in the White House. Look it, Kerry is not going to be able to make them do what he wants them to do. They’re going to be able to make Kerry do what they want him to do. If Kerry gets in there, we’re out of Iraq, despite what he says. The international community is not going to go in there, they’ve been brought off, they’ve been bribed they’re not going to go. They’re gutless. They don’t have the ability anyway. They couldn’t take care of the mess in Kosovo in their own backyard. They can’t take care of their own messes. We have to protect Germany, we have to protect France, we have to protect Kosovo, all these other places in addition to protecting ourselves. I tell you what, the sour grapes, the rage, the anger, the hatred is now in full force and it’s uncontrolled and we’re hearing it now. The kook fringe has made its way to the floor of the Senate in the person and voice of Ted Kennedy.

RUSH: You know, Senator Kennedy, one more reaction here to your tirades of late on the Senate floor. You talk all about Bush and his policy in Iraq and this and that and the other thing, let me tell you about your candidate, John Kerry’s, campaign. It’s like Chappaquiddick. It’s like a car sinking to the bottom of a river with a drunk behind the wheel and the Democratic Party as the passenger. That’s the John Kerry campaign. Chappaquiddick redux.

You are tuned to Rush Limbaugh. Spell it right, that’s R-u-s-h L-i-m-b-a-u-g-h. Yes, the Kerry campaign is like Chappaquiddick. Doing this so I’m quoted accurately. Kerry campaign is like Chappaquiddick, a car sinking to the bottom of a river, a drunk behind the wheel and the Democratic Party as the passenger.
RUSH: Bob in Omaha, quickly before, we go to the break, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, what I think Kerry is doing is speaking like a Howard Dean to keep that wacky part of the party energized and make John Kerry look more moderate.

RUSH: You mean Kennedy?

CALLER: Yeah, Kennedy, yeah.

RUSH: Kennedy is —

CALLER: Yeah, Kennedy is acting like, you know, he’s trying to speak to the elements of the party that were so excited about Dean before he —

RUSH: I understand your thinking, but the problem is Kerry has Kennedy at his side at campaign appearances. He’s not making Kerry look moderate. I think what he’s doing, you may be onto something but then off by half. I think he’s trying to say the things they wish Kerry would say. I think he’s trying to keep the Deaniacs alive because he’s close to Kerry. When Kennedy says it, it may as well be the Kerry campaign, because Kerry can’t say it. Well, he could say it but nobody would hear him. He could say this, but nobody would notice. So yeah, you’re 75% right. 80% right. In fact, hang on, I’m going to make you a complimentary subscriber to my newsletter and website. Hang on, Bob, we’ll get all the information necessary for this to happen.

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