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Kerry’s playbook is so old and he is so dishonest, it can be infuriating. But there’s a simple way to listen to liberals without tearing your hair out, and that is this: everything liberals accuse Bush of, is what they do themselves. So when Kerry talks about the politics of lying, he’s telling us what Democrats do. He’s identifying his own tactics. As an example, consider Kerry’s freak-out at a group of protestors waving flip-flop sandals at Kerry’s Cincinnati speech.As you can hear in the audio link below, this man who protested the Vietnam War and whose party has defined patriotism as requiring dissent, grumbled, “Obviously some young Republicans proving that they are very rude and they have no manners.” Oh, the power, my friends! I am paralyzed here with how impressed I am by his retort. Why what a way to shut them down! Not only calling them “rude” but “very rude!” This is so pathetic!

Kerry once again denigrated our allies, continuing his previous theme of calling them “window dressing” who were bribed or coerced into joining us. Somebody might want to tell him that Polish troops killed the head of Muqtada al-Sadr’s office in Karbala. Someone might want to mention the El Salvadoran and Italian and Ukrainian casualties in this uprising. Also, five Iranians and three Iraqis were killed when foreign troops fired on their vehicle near a checkpoint near Karbala. We are kicking their axis over there, ladies and gentlemen.


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