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RUSH: Sylvia in Baltimore. Hi, Sylvia, welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hi, how are you?
RUSH: Fine, thank you.
CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Mr. Limbaugh.
RUSH: You bet.
CALLER: I’d like to share my story with you because I think it will illustrate what you have been telling the audience for quite a while. I came to America 13 years ago, went to school in Boston — which is the epitome of liberals — and two years ago, approximately, I became an American. Two years ago also, almost, I was laid off from my job.
RUSH: And what were you doing?
CALLER: And after trying to fill the same pattern and looking for a job in the same field I used to, I decided to form my own company and basically I’m doing similar job but this time I’m in control. I help U.S. companies to take their products or service abroad. I realize that we were complaining about jobs going outside the country —
RUSH: I was going to say, you’re an outsourcing expert. (Laughing.) You are an immigrant who’s come here to be a citizen and now you’re taking jobs overseas! (Laughing.) And you’re making more money than ever! (Applause.) I love this. I love this.
CALLER: But the difference, I’m not taking the jobs outside. I’m helping small and medium-size companies that they are producing either a product or they have a service —
RUSH: Ooooooh.
CALLER: — that they want to export.
RUSH: Ooooooh. Oh, okay. I see the difference.
CALLER: You understand? So I’m doing two things. I am working for myself, and I’m helping this country, which is my country now.
RUSH: Yeah, because you’re helping us export. You’re helping us export products that Americans can’t afford any longer because they’re all out of work.
CALLER: Well, and the truth is there are some very specialized work that you’re not going to find outside, and they need a little bit of help, and the market here is a huge market. (Rush laughing.) However, the growth has a little bit of limitations for some of the companies that I represent because they have competed with big players —
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: — and we’re taking those companies abroad, and there is room for those outside the country, too. They’re happy; I’m happy. I’m making money but it’s not only about money. I’m in control —
RUSH: Yes.
CALLER: — of myself.
RUSH: Yes. Yes. Boy, do I hear that. Now —
CALLER: And in the right tax structure, I don’t need to get a higher pay. I could potentially get same amount of money or less, but more in my pocket because if I have the right structure, my employer doesn’t have to pay any too much. In this case I don’t have to pay myself too much because I can get all the money that I need and pay a certain amount in taxes.
RUSH: But you’re happier, right? I mean, if I understand, you just have, because of this, you have the potential to earn far more money than you would have had you stayed an employee, right?
CALLER: Well, there’s danger of course because the sky is the limit, but my point is not only how much money I’m going to be able to make or making right now. The point is, know how many hours I had to work, how many more dollars I had to make to survive. The point is, #1, I’m in control.
RUSH: Yes.
CALLER: Number 2, there is way of making this country more efficient —
RUSH: Yes. Do you realize…? Do you realize…? Sylvia, I have to interrupt you only here because of time. Do you realize — you went to school in Boston, so you’ll understand this — John Kerry would probably classify you and your company as “a Benedict Arnold corporation.”
CALLER: And I’m not sure if I understand that.
RUSH: That’s right, you’ve only been a citizen two years. Benedict Arnold was a famous traitor. He was a traitor to America, and John Kerry calls companies that locate offshore or out of the country — such as Heinz.
RUSH: Heinz has 57 of their 79 factories offshore. They are “a Benedict Arnold corporation” according to John Kerry, because they locate elsewhere to avoid high taxes and this sort of thing.
RUSH: And essentially here in a sort of a watered-down way you are in your own right a Benedict Arnold corporation. I mean, in John Kerry’s eyes you’re a traitor, and since you’re a new citizen you need to know this. But what you’re doing is fabulous, and I can hear your enthusiasm for it, and I’m going to tell you. You know, people ask me because, of course, folks, I’m considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on success and happiness — and a number of people ask me, young people, “What is the most important thing? What’s the #1 ingredient to success?” and you know what they all expect? You know what they all expect? What do you think all these people who ask me expect. They all expect an answer. What do you think it is? One word: “education.”
They all think I’m going to say, “Get your education,” and that’s not the answer. The answer is passion. The answer is passion and desire. Because without passion and desire, you will not do what’s necessary to succeed. If what you need to do requires a certain kind of education, your passion and desire will lead you to it. Your passion and desire to achieve and do whatever it is you want to do is what will drive you to do whatever it takes to get it done. That’s education. If that’s foreign travel, I don’t care what it is, without passion — I mean, all things being equal, and if you’ve got, you know, that IQ.
If you know the difference between two-and-two is four, not five and all that. If you have passion and desire, you’ve got 80% of it licked. And then, after that, you have to be able to take the blows. So you’ve got to remain dedicated to your desire, got to be dedicated to this passion, and understand that it’s worth something, and that it can’t be destroyed simply by a couple blows here and there, a couple of wrong turns or unfortunate moves. Passion is the driving force. Passion, desire, all of that, rolled into one. Without question, I can hear it in her voice. We’ll be back. Look, Sylvia, I was just teasing about this Benedict Arnold stuff. It was just a little political comment there. I don’t consider you a traitor. Don’t tell anybody that and don’t anybody tell her that’s what I meant.

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